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No matter where we are but the lord must eat

To see if our pets are healthy or not. In addition to a detailed physical examination from a veterinarian There are still ways to see for yourself, for example, can you eat food? drink more or less water Can I drive? and have symptoms of drowsiness This is a preliminary symptom that we can see for ourselves just by observing.

          True, the food selection is good. nutritious Health benefits are essential. But the method of feeding is equally important. Some people provide buffet style. all you can eat It’s not good for the body and habits. Some people do not give in time It’s not good for the body It is best to allow time to practice the habit. And in the right amount, just right, to fit the body and species as well.

          Petology Home & Garden is introducing the Catlink One automatic feeder from Petology. and a small puppy (Can be separated too, very cool) 

Which is very responsive for homes or condos that raise cats. or a small puppy But the owner was not with him all the time.

         In addition to providing food throughout the day also determine the amount that needs to be given, which, in fact, many studies have found Cats have a habit of eating throughout the day, eating many meals, but one meal is not a large amount. It’s fine to eat a little and do something else.

          And another benefit for the owner is that we can see the food information through the application. (The same application as the automatic cat toilet) let us know how the baby behaves in food. Any sister who comes to eat will be famous, when she eats, how much she eats, should she control her weight or not. and add cuteness in notification messages For example, the food is almost running out, it will warn you that the supplies are running out. make this application look more accessible Not just for convenience but also cares about the babysitter or the real user 

What does the Catlink One automatic feeder from Petology do?

  • Can order food through the application. time away from home 
  • Create a profile for your cat. each puppy through the application To record information and notify when the younger comes to eat.
  • Able to record statistics and process food intake of each child for the past 1 year with RFID tag.
  • Set meal times as needed. (There is a mode to prevent cat starvation if the food in the tray runs out)
  • If the cat walks in, it will give the full amount of food that is set by using the RFID tag system that is more accurate than the motion detection system. 
  • Airtight seal around the machine and the feeding chamber for freshness with a desiccant bag Notify via app when changing
  • Can supply food at a time, minimum 5 grams, maximum 100 grams (amount depends on the size of the food)
There are 3 free RFID tags and 2 collars, but can be purchased additionally. Unlimited number of connections
Inside can put a lot of food, 4 liter capacity, high-lift ceramic food tray. easy to clean Detachable device

          It is decorated and matches the furniture in the house, the color is not flashy, it is both a practical device. And can also be ready to decorate a chic home as well. Great value.

For those who are interested in the product can be ordered at

1 year Thai center warranty by Petology Co., Ltd. with spare parts ready for maintenance after the warranty expires.

Petology We place great importance on product quality and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

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