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The elevator for the modern home is easy to install, does not destroy the structure.

As we get older, it is often accompanied by health problems, such as back pain, leg pain, and inconvenient walking. Many homes are therefore equipped with home elevators to make going up and down each floor convenient. Can accommodate wheelchairs In fact, having an elevator is not only suitable for homes with elderly or sick people. But it is suitable for every home and can be used by everyone to increase the comfort of living.

Why do you need an elevator in your home? 

  • Home elevators are suitable for multi-storey homes. Especially at homes with elderly people or patients who may not be able to walk easily. A wheelchair, walking stick or walker is required. Walking up and down stairs can cause an accident. The home elevator is therefore a solution to these problems without having to move downstairs.
  • If you need to carry many items or carry heavy items often. Using stairs may damage belongings. or even an accident with the body The home elevator is a labor-saving helper that makes it safer as well.
  • Home elevators can be designed to match the design of the house to be beautiful, elegant or minimal. Like a piece of built-in furniture, there is a transparent elevator shaft that does not obscure the corners. of the house makes the house more pleasant
  • Small space houses can install a home elevator. A home elevator differs from an office building elevator because it requires much less installation space. There is a type of home elevator that doesn’t have to make a difficult elevator pit. Can be installed both inside and outside the building.

home elevator no pit no engine room

Currently, there are home elevators that do not require an elevator pit. no engine room Therefore, there is no need to dig in the ground to destroy the original structure. Therefore, it can be installed in an old house that has already been built. or a house that is currently under construction, which has 3 systems:

  • Screw system ( Screw driven Platform Lift)

It is a platform elevator. Driven by a durable screw system. Using the principle of driving with a screw driven system installed with a chimney This type of elevator is easy to install, not complicated, is just an open area covered with a normal floor plate and uses the elevator shaft as a cabin. There is a control panel to control the up and down of the elevator. No machine room structure is required, thus saving space. Can be installed both outside – inside the house It takes only 7-14 days to install, suitable for houses with a height of not more than 4 floors or 15 meters.

  • Hydraulic system (Hydraulic Lift)

It is an elevator driven by oil and hydraulic hoses. which drives the entire cabin or full cabin like a common elevator that we are familiar with. The elevator comes with a chimney. Or buy the elevator alone and make the chimney yourself to save more. Suitable for 2-6 storey houses, the height does not exceed 23 meters.

Sling system (MRL Brushless Home Lift)

Elevators with cables to move up and down no deep wells No space is required for the engine room. Only the control panel and motor are mounted on the top of the elevator. Can be placed on the floor It is designed at the most economical price. And uses less energy because it uses Single Phase power, thus saving energy. It runs quietly and drives smoothly. high security because the equipment and parts Imported from Italy, which is the leader in the production of elevators for residential homes especially. Suitable for 2-6 storey houses, the height does not exceed 24 meters.

          When there is an innovation in the home elevator, there is no pond like this. This gives us the option to install an elevator in the same house at an affordable price because there is no need to dig or change the structure of the house. Or to install in a new house that is being built, it doesn’t cost a lot of construction. The elevator system can be selected according to the size of the house and the need for use. Then choose a design to match the house as you like. Just this, our home is much more comfortable.

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