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Beautiful wooden balcony design, easy care with decorative fiber cement wood

Wooden balcony and living area under the big tree of Tree Bar & Coffee, besides being beautiful with natural atmosphere It is also durable by choosing fiber cement decorative wood from SCG.
Tree Bar & Coffee's shady outdoor spaces under the big trees
starting point of ideas

         Although Tree Bar & Coffee is a small house with a coffee bar with a small seating corner inside, the highlight of the shop is the outdoor seating area under a large tree that Khun Naphasun Sangsrikham (Champion) , Managing Director of NAPAT39, who Be the owner of a coffee shop who controls the construction of this cafe by himself. Tell us about the need to transform the outdoor space into a garden and a shady wooden terrace. “This place was originally an empty space next to it. Our company showroom The area is not very wide There are 3 big trees, so we want to improve it to be a coffee shop that can support the company’s customers as well. So choose materials that can be completed quickly. Beautiful design, simple look and it works well.”

Mr. Champ sat and talked to us on the wooden balcony under the shade of the big tree.

          As the main focus is on outdoor open spaces, the outdoor area of the restaurant is arranged in harmony with the three large trees that provide shade throughout the day. Simple and warm design in minimalist style with beautiful fiber cement material. Give colors and patterns like natural wood. but can be installed quickly It is also resistant to use and weather conditions. Khun Champ chooses SCG decorative materials, as well as consulting services from DECAAR by SCG team to create this shady area. With the impression of using the service in the past because of beautiful materials There are many models to choose from. Many sizes can be used to build the whole shop. from floor to ceiling

Design a wooden balcony by emphasizing the original big tree as the highlight.
Create a relaxing corner in a shady atmosphere
Choose a product that meets your needs

With the main problem of Khun Champ who wants to choose materials that can be installed quickly. easy care and give a natural atmosphere Various types of fiber cement decorative materials from SCG are well suited to Khun Champ’s design. By choosing each model to suit the design at each point. Both the terrace, the wooden floor. The slats block the beautiful sight. feel like wood airy and comfortable and can also create privacy as well including the use of decorative wood for the seat panel Or even the use of SCG decorative flooring can be adapted to the design of outdoor furniture that is resistant to the sun and rain.

wooden balcony zone

The latest zone of the updated store. And it is considered the highlight of the shop for relaxing or taking beautiful photos. in a shady atmosphere Originally, it was an empty space in the corner beside the warehouse. which instead of making a parking space Khun Champ chose to renovate this area to become a balcony sitting under a big tree. by raising the floor slightly to 2 levels and cutting the floor obliquely to match the fence gate This adds a touch of play to make this wooden balcony look more interesting as well. Design the overall composition by choosing a light background. It contrasts perfectly with the cement floor below and the dark brown warehouse on the side. Add dimension by adding white vertical slats from decorative wood, SCG Line model, blocking the eyes from neighboring areas. but can also provide a cool breeze can blow through

Wooden decking and decorative slats An important element that creates an atmosphere that makes the outside space look beautiful and functional.

          The material in the balcony area is made of wooden flooring with SCG Decorative Floor, Model Saver, size 4 inches, with Cozy Beech color that is not only natural color, but also resistant to weather conditions and usage. “It doesn’t require much maintenance. This area has been used for several months and the color is still beautiful and lasts well even when it rains often. Maybe wash with water or sweep the leaves every day The sap dripped onto it, it was easy to rub and clean.”

          The slat panel is selected. SCG Multipurpose Decorative Wood, Line Model, size 2 x 1 inches, painted white, creating an airy atmosphere that looks light and comfortable. Mr. Champ added that “This decorative wood is very suitable to be used as a slat to cover the eyes. because it is strong in the material itself Able to extend the span across the structure greatly This saves the cost of structural steel and looks more beautiful and airy. because they will not see the steel frame frequently It’s all over the back.”

Details of wooden balcony area design with fiber cement material from SCG
Standard details for installing decorative floor planks, SCG, Model Saver
Standard details for installation of multi-purpose decorative wood, SCG, line model
coffee shop area

          In addition to the wooden balcony zone In front of the shop, there is also a selection of fiber cement materials that are naturally beautiful. and weather resistant as well like the front porch under another big tree Khun Champ chose to use SCG decorative flooring, model T-Clip Shield, which has been pre-painted from the factory for a perfect design. By choosing Cozy Beech color, which is the same color as the decking of the wood in another zone, to be used on the floor of this zone as well. to create connections in design and opted for a darker Natural Beech color in the seating area around the base of a large tree. Create a distinctive feature in the storefront area.

Details of the design of the front porch area using SCG decorative flooring material, T-Clip Shield model.
Standard details for installing decorative floor planks, SCG, Model T-Clip Shield

          Khun Champ also stressed that the advantage of SCG Decorative Flooring, T-Clip Shield, is that it comes with a natural beautiful finished color. In addition, it is equipped with a clip lock system. So the joints look smooth. screw head not visible with this advantage When this model is left from construction Khun Champ has adapted it to make a set of tables and chairs for external use that looks similar to that of real wood tables. but very durable As Khun Champ told us that “It’s very suitable for use as a table. I like it very much. It feels like a wooden table that when you put the glass down, it feels firm but strong. It can be weathered in the rain.” 

Details of exterior table and chair design using SCG decorative flooring material, T-Clip Shield model.

         In addition to the tables and chairs The pavilion and swing placed in this area are decorated with materials from SCG. It’s interesting to use as well. Both the pavilion with floor coverings and seats with decorative flooring, SCG model T-Clip Shield, along with work paint that helps finish the work neatly with 5 shades of wood repair paint, wheeled with the product. and the swing body covered with SCG decorative flooring, the Saver model, which has been painted to look outstanding. This is to add various relaxation spots in the outdoor area of ​​the shop to look more diverse as well.

Design details of pavilion and swing with fiber cement material from SCG
Products and services from DECAAR by SCG

Khun Champ told us about this design and construction project, “Actually, SCG has a wide range of products that we can use from floor to roof. product For example, where I go often is at SCG Home Experience at CDC, where there is a full range of services. All staff are knowledgeable and provide good information.”

“For DECAAR by SCG, there is a team to provide a full range of services, including installation, advice on various materials. Even if you can’t go to the Showroom, you can contact me anytime. And for contractors like us, DECAAR will send a team to give advice to our construction design team on how to install according to the manufacturer’s standards as well.”

Pictures of DECAAR by SCG service, including introduction of decoration materials and installation on site

         Khun Champ concluded about the importance of designing outdoor living spaces as well, “Outdoor work is the first impression when we walk in and use a certain area. because it can be used in a variety of ways Therefore, we should design it well. Choose good materials easy care Including having to install to meet the standards as well. so it will withstand use and weather conditions.”

Beautiful and durable materials make the outdoor area of ​​the shop look attractive both during the day and at night.

DECAAR by SCG is a brand new under the cement and building products business. SCG, the provider of full-service exterior decoration, including Façade Solution and Outdoor Living Solution, creates designs. come true with a comprehensive service Since offering suitable decoration materials installation method design including installation and warranty for customers Create a unique beauty with a professional team of SCG standards Interested in more details at Or buy products at SCG Home or SCG Home Experience branches along the Ekamai-Ramintra Expressway (CDC).

Owner – Design and Construction: NAPAT39 Company by Mr. Champ

Subject : Tinnakrit

Pictured: Anupong Chaisukkasem, public relations photo

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