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Jarinthip Chumuenwai, curator presenting the city through the exhibition

Previously, the room took us to see the exhibition URBAN IN PROGRESS : ONE BANGKOK’S EDITION which was already exhibited at The Prelude One Bangkok, both part of the exhibition and the behind-the-scenes ideas of the 3 creative people, but there is still one behind the scenes before the exhibition. this time That is, the person who is responsible for selecting the works to be gathered in one place like the “curator”.

Ms. Jarinthip Chumuenwai, Chief Curator and Art and Culture Director of One Bangkok Project, is responsible for the overall look of the event. Including selection of works from creative people with outstanding and interesting ideas. In line with the project guidelines of One Bangkok as well as this exhibition. Let’s listen to the idea as a curator. with the opinion that How can art help to make cities more livable at the same time? 

more than aesthetics but a message to people

“Overall, the Arts and Culture Department has a simple physical function: we will do art work in order to create beauty and decorate the space of One Bangkok, but more than that, art is an important tool for communicating different messages. In particular, art can talk about important issues of society or talk about many different visions and ideas. 

“The issue that we are all interested in is the matter of space. neighborhood story the story of the city about the changes we want to be part of the city and grow with Bangkok Contribute to creating a good impact on the city. At present we look Things that people are interested in That’s what makes lasting change. Think from a distance, think about everything. 

“The concept of city has always been our focus. Corresponds to the exhibition at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) that is preparing the project. “City changes”, so we look for ways to work together. Starting from looking at how the change is. Are there any artists interested in this story? before going deep.”


From Bangkok Art Gallery to One Bangkok

“There are about 30 works that have been exhibited at the art gallery, divided into 2 floors, 1 exhibition each floor. I don’t use the word artist, but I use the word creator. because some of you are not artists Some of you are professors, academics, and engineers, but everyone is interested. and has the same perspective on the issue of urban change and what is happening in the city. Each person brought that attention. Come to present through art in different categories according to their own interests. Working with BACC has given us some ideas to showcase here. but with some limitations As a result, not all issues in the City of Change project can be gathered in One Bangkok, so we try to choose and discuss which topics are appropriate. It’s like it’s been abbreviated for about a year. The issues that were picked up were the issues that covered the wide-angle view of the city by selecting 3 works, all of which reflected the city’s changing in different aspects, but were joking around in the past and present. future” 

3 creative people whose common point is “water”

“The three creators selected to have different expertise, such as Asst. Prof. Dr.  Peerasri Povathong  is a historian. Interested in academics, while Mr. Wit Pimkanchanapong is a multimedia designer But there are serious hobbies like cycling boating It’s another aspect besides a regular career. Or will it be Mr. Suriya? Ampansirirat who is a professional architect All three are diverse. And the work done is also diverse. When we picked it up for display Therefore, there is sufficient variety. 

“Although the three creators have different interests, content and aptitudes, But we can feel that all 3 works have a common dialog. There are things that are actually connected, if we study more deeply. The connected story is the story of “water”, such as the past photograph of Ajarn Peerasri. It is the physicality of the city in the suburbs of Bangkok in the past, such as Dusit District, Khlong Toei District, Thung Saladaeng. In the picture, we can see that There is a building technology that is influenced by the West. and see pictures of rivers and canals included in the picture made to see the change of the city in that era And the rivers and canals were the way of life of the people of that era. We live in a waterfront community. we travel through water 

“The work of Mr. Wit has picked up the route of the water transport network that connects to present by trying to navigate the current rivers and canals on their own using the path in the past instead of non-road travel Arrived at Khun Suriya’s work. It focuses on coexistence with water in the future. If you try to predict the future If the world is flooded How will humans adapt to that situation? Thus became the source of this piece. Another visible layer like the work of Ajarn Peerasri Watch as a picture of the situation in the past. Khun Wit lives in the present and finds a way to live in the present. As for Khun Suriya’s predictions in the future Assemble into several layers that join together to become 3 people who are in 3 time periods and collide exactly. 

“The trio’s overlapping water issue It is an issue that One Bangkok sees the importance as well. As we build a new city We hope to build a good infrastructure. Water is managed efficiently and appropriately for the project. We want to be a part of creating a positive change for Bangkok. When everything fits That is the origin of this exhibition.”

art, tangible beauty 

“The reasons art can make cities better, first of all, are beautiful, edifying, beautiful scenery. We also take a deeper look at art. Suitable for a wider range of people This means that the chances that people have access to it are also greater. or art that is not limited to the nature of the gallery or museum may be in the public area It means that one day if we walk the road and turn around, we may come across a sculpture by an artist. The display is in harmony with the urban lifestyle. Wherever you go, you are surrounded by art. If you look at it and feel that it’s beautiful, it’s considered very good. But if we look at it, we understand the meaning that the artist wants to communicate. That would be even better. 

“For example, go see Khun Wit’s work. Maybe you want to get up and go boating. Go and look for something hidden in Bangkok. Maybe you understand it like Mr. Wit Long has changed to travel by boat, which is fun at first. to study the route how many kilometers At some point, people might reserve this, make it better, or not be destroyed. We feel that art has a role from very small to very large, but if One Bangkok can make this happen. We believe that everyone’s quality of life will improve, at least by having a beautiful mindset.”

Role of One Bangkok in the development of the art industry

“ I want One Bangkok to be a quality art space in the city that everyone can access. We would like to offer quality work. It is an opportunity for Thai and foreign artists to have the opportunity to exhibit. On the other hand, it will help make the art industry Or better design, there is Demand Supply. We are Demand and have a good supply. Help the whole ecosystem. In the end, the people who benefit are the city people. 

“Because we want art to be accessible to everyone. No need to climb stairs. There are many tastes of art. There are many forms for people to choose from. Some may be suitable for us. Some may be too difficult, not suitable, but may be suitable for the person he is very interested in, or some may be beautiful. and make the scenery look beautiful Because there are many types of art, both permanent and temporary. in order to reach many groups of people.”

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