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Room Take a tour of the contemporary art exhibition “Urban in Progress : One Bangkok’s Edition”

Last time, we had presented an overview of the exhibition Urban in Progress : One Bangkok’s Edition. This time, we will take everyone to delve into the three works of the three creators. Along with tools that help you get into concepts and understand your work better with technology that meets

inside the event area The three works were carefully selected to fit the context of the area. The format of the work has therefore been selected to be diverse. whether it is a photo installation work and boats that can actually be used which, when placed, and then lined up the story perfectly Through the same problem, that is to be able to reflect the changes in the city of Bangkok.

Upon arrival you can request a phone call containing information and details of each work. in which there will be both ideas for creating works creative history and various descriptions of the works presented This allows you to see the exhibition as if the creators are standing and explaining one-on-one.

For the first event, Fragile City / Glass Film of Bangkok City by Asst. via glass film photograph which has both a complete image and a partially damaged image. to present an imperfect, ever-changing view of the city. The selected images are related to this exhibition area, such as the atmosphere of the building of Sala Daeng radio station. Or will it be a foreigner’s home in the Khlong Toei area? which, if observed carefully Some of the images still leave traces of places to this day, such as the clock tower in Lum Suan, for example.

Urban in Progress

Next is the work Record the experience of exploring the waterway network in Bangkok and its vicinities by Wit Pimkanjanapong Because there are activities and passion about boats. Rivers and canals became a place of work at the same time. with the creation of works at the same time For this work, there is a laser representing the water level in the canals as well. This level line will be seamlessly connected with all 4 photos.


Ended up with the work of Biogenesis 2121 by Khun Suriya Ampansirirat. It presents the perspective of adapting to coexist with future urban changes. through the symbolic context of water and habitat To find answers about the relationship and coexistence between ecosystems: people, water, trees, sunlight and technology, with unimaginable works of pyramidal objects colliding. The bottom is made of compacted soil instead of soil. which is stable and is very valuable in nature Contrasting the top with the reflective surface, it gives a modern feel. Soar to the future Representative of various technologies and innovations What’s special is that you can download the app or use the phone provided by the exhibition to take a virtual survey of the water level and take a virtual walk.

Urban in Progress

can visit the exhibition “Muang Chang: One Bangkok Edition” will be exhibited at The Prelude One Bangtok from today – 31 August 2022 free of charge.

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