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Contemporary Thai house materials, beautiful, attractive, natural

Update contemporary Thai house materials A variety of types that will enhance the natural atmosphere and Thai aura. Make your home look warmer and more charming.

No matter how much time has passed Thai style houses are still popular today. But the design may be modified to look simpler and more modern. become a contemporary Thai house that retains the original aura by using Contemporary Thai house materials, especially wood, stone, brick and other materials That creates a natural atmosphere and charm of a Thai house, Home and Garden , this issue would like to update various interesting materials for decorating your home in contemporary Thai style

artificial wood decking

balcony or terrace outside the house It is an important element that both raises the charm of a Thai house. and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities The wooden floor that you choose must be both beautiful and strong. Introducing SCG T-Clip Shield Decorative Wood Floor, a pre-painted fiber cement floor with wood grain pattern that gives a realistic texture. With innovative 5-layer coating, resistant to all weather conditions and scratches. Safe with anti-slip properties, even on wet floors. It can also be installed neatly with the clip lock system without screw marks.

  • Size : 20 x 300 x 2.5 cm. and 16 x 300 x 2.5 cm.
  • Colors: Walnut Beech, Cozy Beech, and Warm Gray.
  • Price : 536 – 686 baht per sheet  
  • More information:


vinyl wood interior

Wood is another popular material for Contemporary Thai house materials as well, in addition to real wood. Currently, there are many types of replacement materials for real wood floors. Including vinyl flooring that is both durable and gives a natural texture. For example, Unix Vinyl Flooring Click Lock model from SCG gives a soft touch like real wood flooring. There are many shades to choose from. Long-lasting as it is resistant to scratches, moisture, termites and insects, the color does not fade from sunlight. It also helps absorb the echoes in the house.

  • Thickness : 4 mm.
  • Sheet size : 17.65 x 121.15 cm.
  • Price: starting at 1,070 baht per square meter (ready-to-install price)
  • More information:
pattern stencil

Add a classic to a contemporary Thai house with exquisite openwork patterns from Air vent stencils of SHERA, the only one in the production of stencils on fiber cement materials. that can be applied to a variety of designs Both as partitions, air vents, wall channels, both outside and inside. the material is strong Not brittle, not easily broken, does not shrink, does not bend or warp, does not eat termites, is durable in all weather conditions. There are many sizes and patterns to choose from.

  • Thickness : 8 – 10 mm.
  • Color : Natural color, smooth surface, suitable for overcoating.
  • Price: 348 – 2,387 baht per sheet (depending on size and pattern)
  • More information:
stained wood, beautiful, durable

for decoration with real wood It is indispensable to use products that extend the life of the wood. Such as TOA Wood Stain, which prevents water from seeping into the wood. Including protection from sunlight, UV rays and fungi, comes with an innovation that dries 5 times faster with titanium nanoparticles that reduce working time and reduce dust on the surface. Can be applied both internally and externally

  • Type : Gloss (yellow tin), semi-gloss (green tin) and matt (blue tin)
  • Area of application: 1 gallon can paint 45 – 55 square meters / time (should apply 2 – 3 coats)
  • Size and price : Size ¼ gallon price 383 baht and size 1 gallon price 1,480 baht.
  • More information:
bark pattern roof sheet

The wooden roof is a thatched material that helps create an atmosphere closer to nature. which besides the real bark At present, there is also the development of alternative materials that are more beautiful and last longer, such as SHERA Cedar Shake, a fiber cement roof in a virtual bark pattern. with 3 shades of brown to choose from, accessing the beauty of natural materials But superior with durability, termites do not eat, installed with Inter-Lock system to prevent leakage. therefore no need for underlayment

  • Size : 20 x 35 cm., 15 x 35 cm. and 10 x 35 cm.
  • Color : Zante Yellow Brown Chesnaus and Black Wenge
  • Price :  981 baht per square meter   
  • More information:
concrete roof tiles

The roof is another distinctive element and reflects the contemporary Thai home. As for thatched material, it can be used in a variety of ways. Including popular materials such as concrete tiles, we recommend TPI concrete roof tiles, the Luxheria model. at the elegant design Suitable for all styles of homes The material is durable, does not leak, does not peel off with a 3-layer coating system, does not become blotchy when it rains. Helps reflect heat to keep the house cool There are many shades to choose from.

    • Size : 33 x 42 cm.
    • Roof degree : 22 – 40 degrees
    • Amount of use : 10 – 11 sheets per square meter  
    • Price : 22 – 40 baht per sheet
    • More information:
Thai style clay roof tiles

Add a touch of traditional Thai house to another level. With clay roof tiles from Red Brick 2009 that have unique shapes and patterns to choose from. Both fish scale tiles and Sukhothai tiles come with bright glazes. including kite tiles and natural mom tiles The roofing with clay tiles is not only beautiful and charming, suitable for contemporary Thai houses. It also has good heat insulation properties. Help make the space under the roof cooler as well.

Terracotta floor tiles – pasting the walls

Another classic material that must be recommended when talking about Thai houses. is a clay tile, which at Brick Daeng 2009, one of the leaders in red brick products in Thailand There are also clay tiles to choose from for various applications. Whether it’s flooring, wall decoration, both inside and outside Available in both square and long plates. Can be applied to a variety of designs In addition to creating a warm, traditional atmosphere The material also helps to cool the house.

red brick

Today’s simple materials Red bricks are more popular. by being used as Contemporary Thai house materials with unique textures and colors Create a warm and charming atmosphere in Thai style. Red Brick 2009 has many types of red bricks to choose from. Especially the hand-toned red brick, size 3 x 6 x 14 cm, which is suitable for use in design work. and hollow red bricks ranging in size from 2 holes to 8 holes, which help to ventilate and reduce the weight of the structure.

Red brick vents in various patterns

Decorative materials that combine the look of traditional air vent blocks to help block out the sight, ventilate and control natural light. With the unique color of the red brick material that is becoming popular at Brick Red 2009, there are more than 20 types of red brick vent products imported from abroad to choose from, which can be applied in a variety of applications. whether it is an external fascia block the interior space or used to decorate the garden It will be made with the same pattern, it is beautiful. Or create an assortment, it’s chic and unique.

glass block

Glass block walls are another classic material for Thai homes. In addition to adding interesting features to the wall It also adds natural light to the house. Introducing a new glass block from Chang Kaew, the CK Next model, which can be constructed using only 2 mm. grooves (usually about 10 mm in size). diamond

              • Size : 190 x 190 mm.
              • Thickness : 80 mm.
              • Amount used for making: 25 pieces per square meter.  
              • More information:
Anti-slip natural stone tiles

Add atmosphere and safety in the bathroom. With stone-patterned tiles, Cotto Anti-Slip model that, in addition to coming with a natural beauty design, is compatible with contemporary Thai houses. It also comes with standard R11 non-slip properties, suitable for bathroom flooring so that you can walk safely even when wet. There are several models and sizes available, such as the Matto model featuring a streak-free stone pattern. look natural

                • Size : 30 x 60 cm.
                • Colors: Brown, Light Grey, and Graphite
                • Price : 629 baht per square meter
                • More information:

golden glass mosaic

Add a touch to make your home look charming. stand out like no other With a glittering gold from Glascera’s golden glass mosaic tiles, which is the first in Thailand to develop a technique for coating gold on mosaics. until a beautiful golden color most pronounced Mosaic Tiles The Gold Rush Series is available in 7 different designs, one of which is the Oblique Gold model, which gives the wall an interesting diagonal pattern.

Piece size: 48 x 48 mm.
Size of the piece: 298 x 298 mm.
Thickness : 6 mm.
More information:

natural sandstone wall

Stone is another material that adds interest to the walls of a contemporary house as well. Especially sandstone cut into long slabs for wall decoration. which creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere like bringing a resort to home. Siam Tak is one of the leaders in stone materials for construction. There are many decorative stone materials to choose from. Including natural sandstone faces that are available in both white and light brown.

  • Size : 5 x 30 cm. and 5 x 20 cm.
  • Price : 199 – 209 baht per bundle (5 sheets per bundle)
  • More information:
Decorative Stone Veneer Slabs

Give the house a new level of luxury in a contemporary style. With the natural texture of Stone Veneer slabs from WDC, real stone slabs are thin slides. Suitable for wall decoration and ceiling masterpiece. With a thickness of only 2 millimeters, it is easy to install. does not add weight to the building structure Can be used both inside and outside Available in a variety of colors and patterns, such as the Silver Galaxy, Ocean Black and S.White models.

Size : 61 x 122 cm.
Thickness : 2 mm.
More information:

Wood substitute material, does not hurt the nose

Various wood substitutes If the choice is not good May come with formaldehyde substances that burn the nose, sting eyes with a pungent odor and can be toxic to the body. Panel Plus has therefore invented an innovation for melamine-coated wood that reduces formaldehyde emissions, meets the E1 standard from Europe, is safe, not harmful to health. Suitable for built-in furniture, cabinet doors, tables and decorative walls. Comes with beautiful natural wood grain including stone and other patterns. to choose from many

Standard size:
 4 x 8 feet and 6 x 8 feet .
Thickness : 9 – 38 mm (particleboard) and 6 – 40 mm (MDF)
More information:

Wood substitute material, does not hurt the nose

Various wood substitutes If the choice is not good May come with formaldehyde substances that burn the nose, sting eyes with a pungent odor and can be toxic to the body. Panel Plus has therefore invented an innovation for melamine-coated wood that reduces formaldehyde emissions, meets the E1 standard from Europe, is safe, not harmful to health. Suitable for built-in furniture, cabinet doors, tables and decorative walls. Comes with beautiful natural wood grain including stone and other patterns. to choose from many

Standard size: 4 x 8 feet and 6 x 8 feet .
Thickness : 9 – 38 mm (particleboard) and 6 – 40 mm (MDF)
More information:

laminated skin design from italy

For natural looking built-in furniture in your home, Incanto is a new high-pressure laminate from Formica, designed and manufactured in Italy. There are both wood pattern, stone pattern and pattern category. A total of 25 designs, especially the wood grain category, are available in 14 designs, including pine, elm and oak, giving a warm, luxurious touch with clear dimensions, reflecting the beauty of nature and matching the home decor in a common style. the era was good

Sheet size : 1.30 x 3.05 meters
Thickness : 0.8 – 1.0 mm.
More information:

wood grain laminate natural texture

EDL is another quality brand for a wide range of laminating materials. Especially with a wide selection of wood grains, such as the Holm model, which perfectly brings out the characteristics of natural wood. with wood grain printed on the material until it is embossed Give the skin a soft touch. including reflecting light and creating shadows in a dimension under the light Create a warm atmosphere as if decorated with real wood. In this Holm model, there are 9 patterns to choose from.

Size : 4 x 8 feet
Thickness : 0.8 mm.
More information:

Wood grain aluminum trim

Another decoration material that should not be overlooked. It is the corner eyebrows at various points. Introducing wood-patterned aluminum trims, Home brand, quality products in Naphawat Products. The surface is as beautiful as real wood. Suitable for decorating your home in a contemporary style. Natural looking, durable material, no corrosion, no peeling. Made from 6063 grade aluminum that has been processed and covered with Italian technology. Available in both rounded and square designs. You can buy them at building materials stores across the country.

  • Eyebrow size : 1.3 x 1.3 centimeters
  • Length : 200 cm .
  • Pattern Options : Teak, Beech and Red Oak
  • More information:
Comprehensive wall decoration services

Easy to make a beautiful wall decoration. whether on a contemporary Thai theme or any theme With a comprehensive service from Wallplast that consists of a team of professional designers and technicians. Customers can easily design to be beautiful and pleasing. By yourself from the Design Theme that is available to choose from and over 100 materials after the price has been confirmed. Appoint a team of technicians to install immediately. with a system that can be attached directly to the original wall and finish the job quickly within 3-6 hours

More information:

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