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Take a look at ANIL Sathorn 12, the first condo to receive WELL Building Standard certification in Thailand and Southeast Asia

Home and Garden Take a tour of ANIL Sathorn 12, the first condominium project in Thailand and Southeast Asia to receive a world-class award, WELL Certified TM for Multifamily Residential Project, Gold Level .

“ Luxury Redefined when good health is the new definition of luxury condos in the heart of the city.”

When it comes to luxury housing We may first think of the image of opulence reflected in the decoration of valuables. But with the changing environment today Therefore, we realize that The most valuable thing in life is good health. Especially during relaxation time at our home, Home and Garden , this issue would like to take a look at ANIL Sathorn 12 , a new super luxury condominium project in the Grand Unity group that embodies the new definition of “Luxury Redefined” living. by taking care of the health of the residents in 7 dimensions according to the first WELL Certified TM standard in Thailand and Southeast Asia

The drop-off area of ​​the project maintains good indoor air quality with double entrance doors and a 3-meter long dust-trap carpet.
The atmosphere in the reception hall on the ground floor of the project
Inside the beautifully decorated ANIL Lounge on the 12th floor.

The ANIL Sathorn 12 project consists of 222 units, ranging in size from 1 bedroom starting at 45 square meters to 3 bedrooms measuring 109.50 square meters and a penthouse measuring 509.50 square meters. Next to St. Louis BTS Station,  can connect to the main business district of Bangkok. easily already The 42-storey building of the ANIL Sathorn 12 project is also fully equipped. including automated car parks that accommodate cars up to 110% of the room Swimming pool and fitness on the top floor with 360 degree views, including meeting rooms, library and social area on the 12th floor. Including the interior of the room is full of details to create good health for residents according to the 7 dimensions of WELL standards:Air, Water, Nutrition, Light, Exercise, Comfort   and Mind

2 bedroom example - living and dining room
Two bedroom example - master bedroom and small bedroom
2 bedroom example - bathroom and kitchen

“Take care of the health of residents in 7 dimensions, certified
WELL Certified TM for Multifamily Residential Project, Gold Level
, the first in Thailand and Southeast Asia”



          clean air care Especially the central area where the air is filtered through the ERV system filter, which can filter more finely than PM2.5 dust and also controls the temperature and humidity. Make you feel fresh, comfortable, reduce static electricity. Reduce dust with a 3-meter long dust-trap carpet on the floor of the entrance door. In addition, all decorative materials have passed the volatile substance level test. formaldehyde radioactivity and other values for safety as well

Atmosphere at the entrance and inside the ANIL Lounge






          Maintaining the quality of tap water to be clean and safe Contaminant-free with lead-free tubing Also in common areas and rooms are drinking taps that are filtered with a specific system. To maintain the minerals that are beneficial to the body in its entirety As for the water in the swimming pool, the project uses the ozone system. So you can be confident that it’s clean, free from residues and doesn’t hurt your skin’s health.

Ozone system swimming pool with a bird's-eye view from the 41st floor







          All rooms are equipped with quality Bosch branded kitchen equipment, especially refrigerators and steam ovens, which help maintain the nutritional value of the food. Includes two million-dish bowls of WELL Certified TM standard sizes and materials for clean, hygienic food preparation.

Kitchen set with accessories from Bosch and standard size sink.


          take care of light quality All lights are configured with soft, unobtrusive color and brightness, suitable for use in each area. In the bedroom, control the light during sleep and make it completely dark with blackout curtains. Every electrical device has a dimming mode. Promote a healthy sleep cycle according to the body clock system. wake up feeling rejuvenated including a night light that automatically turns on with a sensor It’s safe to get out of bed at night. and ready to return to sleep quality immediately

atmosphere in the library Private meeting rooms and children's rooms


          Enhance the health of residents with a fully equipped fitness room with the type and number of exercise equipment according to the WELL Certified TM standard, including private exercise classes for the residents including Zumba, Yoga and Pilates classes

Fully equipped fitness room and private exercise classes on the 42nd floor.
Fully equipped fitness room and private exercise classes on the 42nd floor.


comfortable conditions


          Rest in peace even in the heart of the city with the use of soundproof glass for the entire project exterior wall Including an internal air conditioning system that meets ASHRAE Standard 55-2013, which helps relieve body tension according to ergonomics. as well as relax and feel comfortable by controlling the temperature, humidity and wind

1 bedroom sample room

          Take care of the mental health of residents in all channels Both services after entering through the application Systematic waste and waste management and creating aesthetics through design work to promote good mental health Including artwork created by Dong Sculpture in line with the concept of ANIL or God of the Wind itself.

Art exhibits from Dong Sculpture at the drop-off entrance and in front of the ANIL Lounge.

Talk to the 3 people behind the ANIL Sathorn 12 project.
Khun Ton – Worawat Srisaan, Executive Chairman of Grand Unity

“ Health is Wealth”

A new luxury in the view of Mr. Worawat Srisa-an, CEO of Grand Unity.

A new trend towards the definition of Luxury Redefined

“With the current trend that is interested in health problems, either from dust, PM 2.5 or COVID-19, Grand Unity Group aims to meet the needs of buyers who consider health as a priority. By presenting the definition of Luxury Redefined, luxury in a different angle. Quality is confirmed by WELL Building Standard certification, the first project in Thailand and Southeast Asia.”

WELL Building Standard Challenges

“The challenge started from day one. From the design process and the selection of materials that are extremely meticulous. Construction management to meet standards and inspection of every part of the area from WELL after the completion air quality, water, humidity, toxic substances, etc., all of which are challenging at every step.”

The first step towards the WELL Certified TM standard in Thailand

“ WELL is like any other standard. It takes time to get to know. For example, the LEED standard that we are familiar with today, about 10 years ago, there were very few buildings that met this standard. I believe that WELL should be familiar to Thai people in the next 10 years as well because WELL is truly the standard of quality of life.”

Pride of ANIL Sathorn 12

“As the first project to be WELL accredited to the Gold level, this is proof that an international quality project can be achieved in Thailand. The important thing is that the cost is not much different from the general project. After the project, I am confident that the team will be proud to participate in the WELL standard pilot project in our country.”

Mon – Preiyawat Temchawala from PIA Interior

“Space can breathe. Perfect for every lifestyle.”

Architectural concept of Khun Preiyawat Temchawala from PIA

“Sathorn stands out both as a business district and a leading residential area. The design therefore presents luxury. by focusing on both Active and Passive lifestyles with various functions whole meeting room A social area, lounge room or children’s room for a fast-paced and relaxed lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand. It’s a life with a choice.”

“The design was inspired by the sheer, layered look of a sheet of paper. Including creating an Airy Space or breathing space in the right size and proportion. under WELL standard requirements until it comes out as a space where both design and good health can go together.”

Khun Dong – Phongsathuayklang from Dong Sculpture

“Creating aesthetics and taking care of the mind with art”

The concept behind the art of the wind by Khun Pongsat Uayklang from Dong Sculpture

“When it comes to WELL standards, I believe that there is one more thing besides taking care of the environment. is to add art and aesthetics to the area to take care of the residents’ minds. in the meaning of ANIL or God of the Wind I think the wind is essential to life. I can feel it even though I can’t see it And we use it all the time. 

“This artwork is an architectural connector. It gives the space a dynamic, sparse look. We go through many experiments to get a piece that is made up of many threads. Can see through both from the inside out, including the stainless steel material reflects the surrounding image that has changed over time.”

Interested in registering for project information, please call 0-2652-4000 or

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Pictured: Sittisak Namkham, Anupong Chaisukkasem

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