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SEE JORAKAY FLAGSHIP STORE combines inspiration for color and lifestyle by “crocodile color”

It is undeniable that the “colors” seen through our eyes in everyday life have a significant effect on our feelings. both colorful and fun Energetic and calm, choosing the right color for the decoration design is important. And it’s even better if the colors you choose are healthy and environmentally friendly. This is what Crocodile Corporation Co., Ltd. sees the importance. And has been used in product development all the time until now SEE JORAKAY is the first house paint brand made from natural limestone, highly safe, no pungent smell, harmless to residents and the environment. 


for the designer or even the project owner Can access a variety of colors In addition to enjoying the purchase of building paint products in an atmosphere that meets the lifestyle without boring, Crocodile Corporation Company Limited has launched “SEE JORAKAY Flagship Store” in the Krungthep Kreetha area, exhibiting 3 color groups: 

  • Natural Color home paint without pungent smell. It’s the safest color.
  • Art Color Plastered paint creates a marble-like pattern. Available in both glossy and matte finishes.
  • Texture Color The color creates a three-dimensional pattern. Make the skin feel like natural stone.

Ready to open the area into a Co-Working Space that is outstanding in design with a unique identity.

Mr. Chinthorn Atthasanprasit Product Manager, SEE JORAKAY (left), Ms. Pongphan Prateepmanowong Assistant Managing Director Marketing Department, Crocodile Corporation Company Limited (right)

“We wanted to have a place for customers and designers to come up with new ideas for decorating their homes. Including being able to sit and work, so we created a new Flagship Store. To provide customers with a complete range of color services Here, a collection of works that the artist has created a variety of patterns on the wall from SEE JORAKAY. Meet the style of home decoration Including natural patterns created with SEE JORAKAY, which can actually be done. We have trained certified technicians ready to provide paint and pattern services to the homeowners as well. For designers who want to create a unique wall decoration, they can talk and share ideas. to design special patterns as needed with experts to welcome until after sales service” Mr. Pongphan Prateepmanowong Assistant Managing Director Marketing Department, Crocodile Corporation Co., Ltd. said.

For outstanding products from natural raw materials of SEE JORAKAY, Ms. Chinthorn Atthasanprasit Product Manager SEE JORAKAY said, “From the beginning of the expansion of color products in the Color Cement group, which is a Cement Based color, the company’s core business has been expanded. which has expertise in cement born in a different color high adhesion Subsequently, it expanded to paint products from other natural raw materials by collaborating with the paint leaders in Spain to open the natural color market from Limebase, the first in Thailand. Using a highly environmentally friendly production process to penetrate the current market where people are more concerned about their health and more interested in the environment.”

This is to create a brand that has a clear character. By focusing on creating outstanding in nature. Pay attention to the health of users. It is the first to choose raw materials for production that come from natural limestone 100% natural with high safety. no pungent smell not dangerous for residents Importantly, it is good for the environment, it can help reduce carbon dioxide up to 14.40 kg per 15 liters of paint, 3 tanks, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by large trees in a period of 1 year, thus creating a sustainable green space to help the world at home. It also meets the needs of the new generation who want convenience. because the color is safe in every step no pungent smell Allows you to change the color of the room without moving it out. or close the repair area    


In addition to product development, the opening of the flagship store is also considered to appeal to the new generation of customers, especially the design of a zone for sitting, working, sipping coffee and a zone where you can actually test the products. Together with the service of recommending products, choosing colors and designing patterns by experts. It’s called finishing all steps in one place. If you are interested in visiting the new SEE JORAKAY Flagship Store on Krungthep Kreetha Road, you can contact Line @seejorakay or call 0-2720-1112. and follow more details at

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