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Why do we have to pay for Ft?

What is Ft and why is it added to our electricity bill? Let’s try to get to know the Ft value.
What is Ft?

Automatic electricity tariff or Ft, stands for Fuel Adjustment Charge (at the given time), which has been changed from the original meaning, which is Float time, means the floating cost of electricity that cannot be controlled, such as the price of fuel. inflation foreign exchange rate Since October 2005, the factors for calculating the Ft formula have been changed to remain only The cost of fuel used in electricity generation of EGAT and the cost of purchasing electricity from private producers and neighboring countries The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) determines the Ft price.

Electricity fee = Base electricity fee + Ft fee + VAT

(Base electricity cost = (number of units X rate of electricity per unit) + service charge)

The Ft value is therefore an automatic tariff setting mechanism. which is adjusted every 4 months to reflect changes in fuel costs that change according to various factors As already mentioned

What’s in the Ft?

The main thing in Ft is the cost of fuel in electricity generation. and forecasting fuel costs in advance for electricity generation, which Ft values ​​are both positive (causing electricity bills to increase) and negative (causing electricity bills to decrease). As a result, the cost of electricity generation tends to increase, causing the Ft fee charged from electricity users for the month of September – December 2022 to be 93.43 satang/unit. 

ft value
Historical Ft statistics from

How to calculate electricity bill


Many people may be worried about whether the electricity bill is too high or not when adding up the increased Ft. Therefore, there is a website to help calculate electricity costs for electricity users, divided into 8 types:

  • Type 1 Residential house
  • Type 2 small businesses
  • Type 3 Medium-sized enterprises
  • Type 4 large businesses
  • Type 5 Specific Business
  • Type 6 Non-Profit Organization
  • Category 7 Water pumping business for agriculture
  • Category 8 Temporary Consumers

Electricity can be calculated at

Infinitude with an endless cycle 

by Taboola

Increase or decrease in Ft. It’s something we can’t control. If you don’t want our home’s electricity bill to be too high We must turn to take care of our behavior of using electricity more. both relying on natural light until considering the wind direction And planting trees around the house may be an option that will help save other parts of the electricity bill. Not quite at all


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