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MQDC launches “Whizdom The Forestias : Mytopia”, an official residence that responds to the diverse lifestyles of the new generation.

By presenting a new standard of vertical living in the concept of “Live it all”, it attracts both singles and singles. Couples who are married but have no children modern family with young children and pet lovers Continued positive feedback

          MQDC or Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is one of Thailand’s leading real estate developers. Announcing the launch of residential sales in Whizdom The Forestias: Mytopia, located in The Forestias, the first urban project designed in all dimensions for healthy and happy living on Bangna-Trad Road. M.7, which has been officially opened for sale recently, and there are people who are interested in making appointments to visit the project continuously. Through various channels such as Call Center 1265, LINE: @MQDC and

          Mr. Asada Kaewkhiao, Chief Operating Officer of MQDC , said:Mytopia is one of the Whizdom The Forestias residential projects that have received great attention and market feedback. by the buildings that were opened for sale earlier The success factor of Whizdom The Forestias lies in offering a new standard of vertical living that combines the advantages and strengths of homes and condominiums. makes living in a condominium feel like home Combined with the combination of innovative design to meet all the functions of life. Through the design thinking process from the foundation of perfect living. Under the concept of Live it all that meets the needs of the new generation with a variety of lifestyles, all in one place Ready to offer a living in harmony with nature. and having a location in the Forestias project, a city project that focuses on health and happiness. This is a project that has been recognized and received many awards from leading organizations and institutions both domestically and globally.”

          Whizdom The Forestias is an example that reinforces the uniqueness of the Whizdom brand, which focuses on creating and developing the ecosystem for the next generation living through the integration of innovation for living that meets life challenge that has a variety of lifestyles and changes all the time in line with the lifestyle of the new generation The results of the survey found that the majority of people prioritize happiness and quality of life, having a safe zone, regardless of family style. Focus on value for money without adhering to the form of ownership of various assets And the most valuable thing to value is time. All this decoded into things. Incorporated into Whizdom’s projects such as the design of residences and common areas that allow residents to spend quality time truly. merging nature Healthy breakfast arrangements and including a convenient and complete location, etc.

          Whizdom The Forestias : Mytopia consists of 360 residential units ranging from 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, duplex. Penthouse and forest duplex penthouses, sizes starting from 34 square meters to 190 square meters, priced at 5.7 – 32.7 million baht. The highlight of the project is the designed loft. allowing residents to be closer to nature With high rooms, you can fully experience the forest view. And the ceiling height of 5.4 meters also helps to make the loft style decoration stand out more clearly. while maintaining a feeling of comfort and privacy by separating the space between the bedrooms located on the upper mezzanine level. with the living room downstairs and allocating a closed kitchen area along with designing the space and arranging the furniture to reflect the lifestyle of the new generation

Whizdom The Forestias is a residential project that meets the needs of the new generation. Whether it is a modern family with small children Couples who are married but have no children, singles, or those who love pets. Under the concept of “Live it all”, another distinctive point of the Whizdom The Forestias project is the height from the ground of the building that allows to see the entire area of ​​the forest. Create a green space experience from the first step into the project in a way that has never been experienced before. and with the structure of the building raised above the base of the podium making it look like it’s floating on top of a tree The residents can also do various activities. happily with the many amenities and complete Support activities for every lifestyle On the top floor of the podium is a large swimming pool strung between the two buildings, with a pool area and children’s play equipment. Relaxation area close to swimming pool, outdoor garden, indoor gym, Pool Lounge and indoor area for children. The building also uses a megaframe steel frame that is 3 times higher, which in addition to giving a high-end feel. It also prevents radiation from sunlight from outside into the inside. and in the corridor of the elevator lobby It is also designed to have natural ventilation as well.

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