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Quiet, comfortable cutting with the Milwaukee Cordless Lawn Mower

For housing estate projects, resorts or hotels often have large lawns that need regular maintenance. The grass must be mowed weekly to keep it beautiful and not to let the grass grow so high that it hosts various poisonous animals. But each mowing may disturb residents and guests. because the lawn mower is noisy.

That’s why we’ve come up with a cordless lawnmower that works efficiently over a wide variety of areas, with low noise. no longer disturb the rest of the villagers.

big machine to relax

The Milwaukee M18 F2LM53-0 is a 21-inch cordless lawnmower with a dual 18-volt battery system. Many people may wonder if this battery-powered machine can cut grass with a petrol engine? It must be said that it can and is superior. Because this pair of batteries delivers more torque than a 200 cc engine, it can mow the entire field up to 2,032 square meters, or about a quarter of a football field, without the user having to push themselves. because it has a self-propelled system (Self-propelled) that just grab the safety switch with handle bar and press the throttle to use immediately. as well as adjust the speed up to 5 levels

Most importantly, you can be assured of safety. Because the safety system of the machine is designed so that when you release your hand from the handle, the machine will automatically stop working. even accidentally pressing the start button the machine is not working Because the user has to grip the safety switch and press the start button. and then press the accelerator to drive The machine will cut the grass as needed without disturbing anyone’s sleep. Because the sound when cutting is lighter than a conventional petrol lawnmower.

The lawn in any condition can be cut as you wish.

Sloping, damp, or rough terrain is usually a barrier to mowing well, but a single Milwaukee M18 F2LM53-0 can mow all of those areas. Can mow grass on slopes up to 15 degrees without pressure.


Mows grass on slopes up to 15 degrees.

Another problem is Fallen grass makes it difficult to cut. This machine has a High Lift system that uses air pressure between the blades to lift the grass. make cutting more convenient Including the height of the knife can be adjusted with a single lever. Adjustable blade height to cut grass up to 7 levels with a height range of 25 – 100 mm with a height of 13 mm (1/2″) increments. 

The blade height can be adjusted to 7 levels.

During the rainy season when the grass grows fast but usually when the ground is wet it is difficult to mow. This mower is comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your device getting wet and breaking because it has an IPX4 standard that describes the device’s dust and splash resistance.

Able to mow grass in wet areas or after rain.

Easy care and storage

Saw this big and high performance machine. but save space than you think When used, it can be folded into the back of the car comfortably. The blade should be cleaned after every use. If the knife is chipped or dull from use can be removed to sharpen the leaves But have to remove the battery from the device first every time. Storing unused devices Always remove the battery from the device. This battery is compatible with other Milwaukee 18 Volt (M18) groups.

Foldable, does not take up space

Uses two 18 Volt (M18) batteries.

The large blade can be removed for cleaning.

for warranty Milwaukee offers a full 1-year warranty on the device and battery, along with nationwide repair centers.

When a lawnmower that works and is so quiet Must like entrepreneurs who own housing projects, hotels, resorts for sure because they can mow the grass every day. both safe and convenient Don’t be afraid of being told by customers to come. rest time

For those who are interested in buying, now there are 5 promotions.

  • First , get a free gift worth 39,166 baht, including a battery of 18 volts, 12.0 amps, high OUTPUT lamps, 4 batteries, a battery charger for 18 volts with fast charging, 2 slots, 1 pedestal, cut-proof gloves and black lens safety glasses.
  • Privilege 2 Get the right to redeem products for gardening and lifestyle products at 50% only, whether it’s a cordless chain saw. Cordless hedge trimmers, cordless fans, cordless leaf blowers or PACKOUT coolers (limit 1 person per right).
  • Continue at 3, pay 0% installments for 6 full months (only participating stores and banks)
  • Continue at 4 Claim 4 batteries for free within 3 years (limit to claim no more than 2 batteries per year).
  • and to the 5th Claim 2 free chargers within 3 years (limit to claim no more than 1 dock per year)
  • For those who have already registered online only

This privilege is only available during the launch period until October 31, 2022. Read more about the promotion here . Exclusive for fans. Home and garden purchase this cordless lawnmower or other garden equipment. Only receipts purchased from Milwaukee dealers can be brought to register here and will receive immediately a special premium item, 1 Milwaukee hat and 1 pair of Milwaukee sun armbands, limited to the first 50 people only.

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