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Place168 Pinklao – a home for a new generation of people seeking success.

At a time when real estate such as houses, condominiums and townhomes have popped up, project after project to meet the needs of people in each area. each lifestyle or each generation as much as possible One of the leaders in the industry like LPN has also launched a new brand under its subsidiary Place168, a brand designed to meet the lifestyle of the Young Gen target group under the concept “LIVE SMART ACHIEVE MORE”.

         Beyond helping to improve the quality of life Housing can also be one of the indicators of success for a new generation. From studying and understanding the dreams and goals of the new city people is to look for success in life, both in work and in personal life. until it can be called as two issues that are interlaced together The style of residence here is designed to accommodate working, living and relaxing life perfectly. 

         In terms of creating an atmosphere of livable (Livable) can be done in many ways. Let’s start with differentiating with style, “Stylish Design” through the creation of privacy (Privacy) with only 8 units per floor and with the layout of the Single Loaded Corridor, resulting in only one living room. hallway You don’t have to open the door to meet your roommate across the street. Next is to put the washing machine in the bathroom to reduce the chance of water leaking in the floor of the room. Plus, get more usable space in the kitchen, or it’s a Delivery Drop Off that is designed for food delivery points. Give answers to your lifestyle today. Makes it easy to manage in an orderly fashion. It also reduces exposure. increase safety

         The next livability is The common area “Smart Place” that answers all smart lifestyles that make you more comfortable than ever Through the use of technology that integrates with living, whether it is a digital key in-out of the room or the common area with a smartphone. And key card, Smart Locker & Mailbox change the receiving – sending of parcels, mail is easy. Even outside corporate office hours, Facility Booking Real-time reservation system for common areas. Giving you the convenience of scheduling today’s life, EV charger offers electric charging points. Supporting the use of future vehicles, Smart Security, the introduction of IoT technology to promote the lifestyle of the new generation to live more comfortable and safer, Digital Door Lock, security lock via smartphone, Scene Switch to turn on and off electrical appliances with a mobile phone via fingertips, Leak Detector, automatic water leak detection system, Motion Sensor, a lighting system that detects movement increase comfort, CCTV surveillance for peace of mind always and Smart Connected can be connected at any time. Covering all common areas with Hi-Speed ​​WIFI service, whether Co-living, Private Meeting, E-Sports room, Sky Lounge

         not only in your room There is also a focus on common areas that respond well to every New Normal lifestyle. because there are complete facilities Can sit and relax or work in many corners of WFH. There is a private room for those who want to work in groups. With a full digital system, there is also an E-Sports Room to meet the lifestyle of the new generation of gamers. To have a relaxing corner in the common area or be the Sky Lounge, a seating area in the sky. with city view with a wide range of applications, whether working privately or group meetings to share ideas          

         For health lovers, there is Fitness, a large gymnasium. with garden view and full of various exercise equipment Responding to active calls every day Finally, the last livability is the location. Supporting comfortable living, easy access, allowing you to connect to life in all dimensions. 

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It can comfortably fit a 6-foot bed. without feeling uncomfortable
Open-plan room arrangement makes it possible to connect all areas together thoroughly.
Connect the bed to the living area to create more relaxation area than ever.
A work angle that can look at the view to rest your eyes when you are tired from staring at the screen for a long time.
Another technique that makes the room look more spacious. This can be done by attaching a mirror to the wall to help reflect the space more widely.
Sliding wardrobe door design saves space. ready to make the bedroom look tidy
thorough natural light Make the whole room look airy, not uncomfortable.
Move the washing machine to the bathroom. Get a lot more space in the kitchen.
separate the area make rest uninterrupted
Built-in shelf ideas to add more storage space and ready to show in.
The dry and wet sections are clearly separated for good hygiene. With a clear glass partition door, the bathroom looks spacious.

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