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A home that fits, fits, is a simple house that anyone can build.

The project “Baan Por Pordee Pordee” was initiated during the 2011 Great Flood that caused many people to be separated from their homes. go to shelter in various evacuation centers


The name “Fit, Fit” was the name of a boy. Location by Phra Maha Prajana (Luang Por Por Yansophon), the senior monk of Wat Khao Phutthakodom. Chonburi This name became a major inspiration. This creates a collaboration between architects, artists, builders and businessmen in creating good things for society. with permission from His Majesty the King (Luang Por Mahatong Thammawutto) to be built for long-term public benefit.

Baan Fit, Fit, focus on the development of simple “houses” that are convenient for construction within a short time. with an economical budget (180,000-250,000 baht *price may vary according to the replacement material from the reuse of old materials) designed to be able to use every material to the maximum benefit. and calculate to the least amount of waste material To distribute this house design for those who want to build a small house or build a cloister for the temple.

The heart of the house is fit, fit, size 40 square meters, consisting of

1. Easy fit
makes building a house easy and takes a minimum of time to build. Anyone can build a house Just having technical knowledge and 2-3 skilled workers can build it right away.

2. Reasonable price
, change the original building material to cement board. at a more affordable price It is also strong, durable and easy to assemble.

3. Dominate the world but fit
Designed with the least amount of waste material in mind.


4. Peace of mind
, designed to be able to cope well with disasters such as floods. With a loft design, the height is 1.9 meters.

Architect: Suriya Amphansirirat ( Walllasia,.ltd  )
Assistant Architect: Nattapon Nimlamai, Anuchart Nuankaew
Structural and Construction Consultants: Saiyas Sema -ngern
Director of Model House: Anuchit Kongsupani
3D drawing: Wanpichit Kaewthong Model house builder: Boonsom
Augmented Reality (AR): Infinity Dave Co., Ltd.
Graphic design (pages P1-01 to P1-05): Wuttipat Somchit, Pariwat Ananchita
Logo design: Chakkrit Anantakul
Project coordinator and supervisor: Wipawee Kunavichayanon
Photo: Spaceshift Studio

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