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Warm minimalist home Smooth and cool in natural tones

warm minimalist home with a blend of smoothness and gentleness harmoniously from a rectangular building raw decorative material But the inside is hidden by a soft natural light exposure.

from a large plot of land of about 250 square wa where the original house was The landlord intends to keep part of it as a rental home and part to demolish it to create a new home for the family. by determining the position of the new house that is warm minimalist home This is facing east. Because there is a large green area in the back that can be a good natural view for people in the house. Thus, this was the beginning of the design and layout of the house to emphasize the opening of this green area in relation to the natural wind circulation and making the house comfortable.

Concrete walls are plastered with concrete surface finishing materials to give the raw natural color. Look in harmony with the context of the surrounding neighbors. interspersed with symmetrical rectangular window openings.

The upstairs wall is drilled into an open space to absorb the wind and reduce the discomfort of the white concrete wall line.

house like stacked boxes

The front of the house indicates privacy with the shape of the building that is like a closed box stacked in layers. Concrete walls are plastered with concrete surface finishing materials to give the raw natural color. Look in harmony with the context of the surrounding neighbors. interspersed with symmetrical rectangular window openings. It’s like a small aperture that deliberately tries to maintain a personal space inside. Like the bottom of the steel fence line, designed to be vertical slats, spaced a little enough to allow the wind to pass through and not create an uncomfortable feeling when looking.

It differs from the interior design of 750 square meters, which emphasizes the openness of full natural light from the transparent glass walls. Along with the shearing of some old buildings to help open a hole between the north and south to blow well. Ready to build the space of the new house by raising the height of the 1st floor to 1.20 meters above the level of the parking lot in front of the house. To avoid the view of the parking lot to disappear, but focus on bringing the eyes to the view of the green area behind the house more clearly.

An airy hall with a raised ceiling to the 2nd floor, you can see the curved corridor wall. The upstairs is used to soften the square lines of the downstairs, and the white tones that follow the color of the sofas are used to accentuate the comfortable relaxation.

Most of the walls of the central hall are focused on transparent glass to let in full natural light. Including opening the view to connect to the green area outside

The open layout makes every corner easy to connect. All of them are decorated in soft, warm, earth tone colors and give a natural touch from the selected materials.

Even though it is an open plan, all corners are easily connected. But the kitchen is separated into a corner. so that the smell and smoke to disturb other parts as little as possible

A design that cuts the center of the building to serve as an outdoor tree court. And open the view to be connected by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Including making the corridor wall on the 2nd floor into a soft curve. Let’s help brake the straight line structure. available in the house

The common hall is the main functional area of ​​the house that combines the functions of the living area. dining room and the kitchen using furniture sparingly But focus on the scale that is big enough to feel the comfort of rest and use. Functions vary but blend in with soft, warm earth tones and a natural touch from selected materials accented with light oak, white upholstery, plaster, steel or unflavored brick. The important thing is that there is natural light in every corner.

Court for planting trees in the middle of the house to create natural scenery, adding to the atmosphere of modern minimalist homes to look fresh and relax.

 Design the arrangement of large trees around the middle of the house to be a pattern alternating with the concrete floor that is a walkway.

tree court in the middle of the house

Because the building is a geometric cube shape that looks simple in modern style, the need for green areas of trees to help balance and create a more relaxed atmosphere in the house. In addition to the idea of ​​borrowing a view of a large green area from the back to add a natural view to people in the house. Therefore, it is the origin of the design of the extra court insertion area in the middle. Which, although it is an exterior area, still has a mood of white and minimalist from the interior continuously. By adding details to the design with a cast concrete floor that puts a pattern into small grooves. Make the white space more attractive. together with the green from the tall and large perennials that add freshness through the large glass wall in the hallway in the middle of the house In addition, the subtle shape of the small leaf clusters helps to soften the hard square lines of the white building to make it look more gentle.

The support of the design line between the interior wooden stairs and the small pattern On the concrete floor in the court outside the house

The eaves and porch protrudes to prevent rain and sunlight from hitting the area directly in the house. decorated with white pebbles It also adds a light aperture at the bottom of the corridor wall and helps reduce the discomfort of the solid cement wall.

The 2nd floor balcony is a seating area to enjoy the breeze outside the house. Designed to have space to plant large trees to create natural shade.

lines and shadows

This house also has a blend of simplicity and gentleness harmoniously. from the square shape of the building and a rectangular aluminum frame on the glass wall. Brakes by the curve of the wall on the 2nd floor, which is clearly visible from the double space hall. or designing a closed wall from the outside with various openings in the corner that wants to bring natural light inside or used as a channel for air circulation, such as a small square opening on the wall upstairs Longitudinal openings on the wall adjacent to the corridor area on the 2nd floor, including window openings that bring in beautiful shadows. to lean over the floor and wall into the house Create a sense of movement to make this modern minimalist style home look much more alive.

Architect : Anonym by Khun Pongpat contributing to society and Mr. Panduangjai Rujjanawet 

Subject : Phatthasiri

Pictured: dof skyground

Architect: Suriya Amphansirirat ( Walllasia,.ltd  )
Assistant Architect: Nattapon Nimlamai, Anuchart Nuankaew
Structural and Construction Consultants: Saiyas Sema -ngern
Director of Model House: Anuchit Kongsupani
3D drawing: Wanpichit Kaewthong Model house builder: Boonsom
Augmented Reality (AR): Infinity Dave Co., Ltd.
Graphic design (pages P1-01 to P1-05): Wuttipat Somchit, Pariwat Ananchita
Logo design: Chakkrit Anantakul
Project coordinator and supervisor: Wipawee Kunavichayanon
Photo: Spaceshift Studio

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