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Garden house in the shape of a minimalist house

From an old orchid house on the abandoned area next to the house, it has become a white minimalist house. A cozy place that keeps the aura of the past with a mango tree in the middle of the C-shaped house (C) despite the limited space. But the snug design allows all functions to fit perfectly with a new family who wants to expand their privacy and close family relationship.

From the street outside, looking at the house at the turn of the alley. On the left side of the picture is my father’s old house.

The entrance to the house on the left is the basement for parking. There is a hallway entrance with block vents connected to a small garden.
Basic problem, separate family, 3 bedroom house, 3 parking spaces

            The initial problem of the house was simple, straightforward, when Khun Kob – Samerpong Kanyaman and Khun Fon – Natthida Tarangkul wanted to expand the area after their wedding . therefore divided the former land of Father Klang in the Ladprao-Ratchadapisek area parted out to build a new house There is a need to build a home that looks warm, can park 3 cars and has 3 bedrooms, according to the land size limit of 55 square meters.

            This area was originally a warehouse and an old orchid house since Khun Kob was a child. After being left deserted “Here in the past, I could see the Lad Phrao Intersection. It’s still a field, it’s a garden.” The owner of the house told him about his relationship with this land. which are now full of high-rise buildings in the Ratchadaphisek area

The 3rd floor of the house is a roof deck with a high angle view.

The fence between the old house and the new house is a sheer industrial metal fence and planted in a line. Get with the vertical line of the front door fence.

The house faces west. There is a big tree in the middle.

Khun Kob saw the works of Khun Pong -Pathama Runrakwit of CASE Studio through the media, so decided to contact them. And seeing your private house bloated, the more I like it. because it is similar to what you want There have been few appointments to see the actual building since before the Covid-19 period. and found that the land has a long narrow face and is the side that receives strong sunlight inevitably in the west On the east side was a wasteland with thickets of trees. While the land is quite cluttered, it is not possible to walk in and explore much. But there was a huge mango tree in the land. which the architect decided to keep to create a pleasant atmosphere for the house Although a bit difficult, this tree was in the middle of the land. while wanting a house with quite a lot of usable space

The batten in the west is a facade that reduces heat and light hitting the walls of the house.

The frame of the house is a C shape (C) surrounded by a mango tree in the middle of the land. formed a large court in the middle In addition to the view It is also an opening for hot air to circulate upward. Reduce heat in the house as well. And it’s also a large glass sliding door that can be opened if more airflow is needed.

Functions that are comfortable in various limitations

                The architects presented two types of houses: two rectangular houses connected by a connecting walkway. and the C-shaped house (C) that surrounds the trees like today’s house. with wooden slats to reduce heat that enters the building wall And plan the bathroom to be in the front of the house to protect the sun and heat another layer. plus the shade of a large mango tree in the middle

The bedroom on the 2nd floor has a view of the green trees. around the house

The bathroom has a light opening above the wall to let in more light and make it more airy. The counter is indented for ease of use.

Another important point of this house is to place the light in the right place. Makes a small room look uncomfortable.

bathroom in small bedroom Use hand-made tiles to cover the walls in bright colors that are different from those in the master bedroom.

The bathroom is 1 meter wide, which works well.

Placement of sanitary ware in the bathroom Make a reception counter with a jar. Can be used as a handrail and has a large window of light Makes a small bathroom look uncomfortable. Nice to use, not allergic to large bathrooms. This bathroom is the smallest in the house, approximately 1 x 2 meters.

The details of the railings designed to look like balcony railings were added after the homeowner had children.

Private rooftop and beautiful kitchen

                Another thing the homeowners wanted was to have a roof top to serve as a gathering area for family and friends. and connect the design language with the same wooden slats used as building facades It may seem a little strange that the choice of all white epoxy floors. His inspiration came from seeing a house published in Baan Lae Suan magazine.


               The house plan looks open and airy. Both floors feature a kitchenette or pantry inspired by pictures of an Australian house. But the material or size of the components adjusted to be available for sale in Thailand Become a minimalist kitchen at a reasonable price.

Mr. Frog and Mr. Fon on the 3rd floor

The view from the roof deck looks out over the old trees of the father’s house. It looks shady.

The third floor is part of the dining room and kitchen area for socializing. Connected to the open patio deck

The small kitchen area on the 3rd floor is inspired by foreign kitchens.
minimalist kitchen Opt for doors without handles by grooving the top of the wood instead. But it looks warm with natural color teak plywood, inexpensive and beautiful.
Top chooses synthetic stones to control the color of the house. Make it look part of the interior space
The wooden battens on the roof top on the 3rd floor give a garden-like atmosphere.

unexpected luck


               In addition to the mango tree that is the view in the middle of the house After clearing the area and starting to build a house on the second floor, it was discovered that on the east side, which was the wasteland of the adjoining land, had a large bamboo clump that could be a good view. It also helps to block the eyes from outside as well. It is fortunate that the house looks shady like a garden house with trees all around. the original mango tree bamboo next to the house An old tree view from the land adjacent to the father’s land like a jackfruit and another mango tree. Including a green fence that separates the land as well.

The simple living room on the 2nd floor has the perfect view from the large bamboo grove next to the house.

The view from the dining area to the second floor sofa is an open plan.

The kitchen on the 2nd floor uses white tones for a clean look.

Secrets of tiny houses on a tight budget

                   Khun Kob said, “When the house is finished, the tiredness is gone. We have always started with ignorance and worry. I try to do my best Fortunately, there are always good people to help each other. So I got my dream home When it comes to being happy, this house is like it doesn’t have a shell. Because the shell is the context that surrounds it. There is nature to wrap itself. Don’t try to bend here. invent there But it’s not random and doesn’t obey.”

The deck is divided into two parts. The homeowner is having an idea to try growing vegetables in the pick-up truck.

Looking from the second floor down to the bottom of the mango tree below is the walkway leading to the house.

                  While Khun Pong has extensive experience as a community architect. has commented that “Each room may look compact. But we know it’s okay, it’s not uncomfortable, the sun is ok, the opening should be here. How to keep it from getting hot? We are confident. Fortunately, the owner of the house trusts. Have a good test too The things that come together to make a house, which are not commonly found, doesn’t mean they’re unattractive. How to place it is up to us …no trick, I recently found that the 4 meter pole is comfortable in an okay budget. One meter wide bathroom is a small bathroom that is ok. But you have to know how the light will enter. How will the sanitary ware be attached? When you fall, you can put your hand on the wall. It can be done. I’ve been working with limits all my life.” (laughs)

Owners: Mr. Samerpong Kanyaman and Ms. Natthida Tharangkul

Architect: CASE Studio by Khun Pathama Runrakwit

Subject: Assembly Wiraporn

Photo: Sittisak Namkham

Style: Suanpuk

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