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one-story wooden house exposed to natural light and wind

one-story wooden house Simple Thai gable shape, slightly elevated from the ground to allow the wind to circulate to help cool the house. and to allow water to flow through It can also be used as storage.

Because he was born and grew up with a simple Thai lifestyle in a wooden house, through the same memories of the 70-80’s, that both Khun Sara-Narawan (Rajsri) and Khun Toh M-Apichai Wangtrakul who, despite having lived in different provinces Not only are they miraculously connected in every story. If you still join the dream of setting up a family life in Chiang Mai by creating A single-storey wooden house in Thai style to live a simple life in the midst of peaceful nature together.

The living room in the middle of the house looks warm in the atmosphere of a wooden house that emphasizes the open space to receive natural light and wind. with a small mezzanine which has been added for sleeping and watching the moon

Another sitting area that can be used as a reading or working corner. by facing out to view the mountains and rice fields comfortably Decorated with chairs and old wooden cabinets full of collectibles.

This high hall before entering the house can be used for various purposes, whether it is a garage. long dining corner Or you can turn it into your carpentry workshop.

The couple started building the first wooden house that was like a dormitory many years ago. So gradually moved to build a new wooden house to open as a homestay for extra income at the same time until when you have health problems that beset with Khun Sa misses his family living in Switzerland. The couple therefore plans to sell the house in order to move in with their family abroad. But had to stop this intention because of the epidemic of Covid-19, causing the travel to be suspended. Then there was a long lockdown in the country without knowing when to return to normal life. When the future is uncertain Also, the house has already been sold. Both of them took the time to wait gradually. Another new house was built on a 169 square wa plot of land that had been bought and planted before. with the intention of being a residence in Thailand, alternating with living with grandchildren in Switzerland in the future Even if it’s the third house But what has never changed is the love of the wooden houses that are open to the wind and see the Thai view. By focusing on using old wood with furniture and collectibles from the 70-80s that are still kept as usual.

The sliding wooden door with clear glass is a non-closing partition between the living room and the bakery inside. Notice that the upper wall is equipped with glass louvers to allow more air to pass through. Help the wooden house not be stuffy. It also transmits the fragrance. From the bakery section, you can go all over the house as well.

The continuation from the bakery corner which has both a turntable corner and a lounge sofa. Connected to the balcony outside the house with a view of the green rice fields.

“ We bought this land here because it is near the temple. I thought that I would walk to make merit at the temple easily. and has reduced the size of the house from the previous one down a lot Like this house, we can reduce and let go of many things as well. Even selling things that have been collected for a long time. But what I’ve always liked most is the wooden house. We went to buy wood from the old house in Nakhon Sawan. Let’s put it on ten wheels. partially cleaned Some of the new crossbows are polished. Some sheets have to be cut to fit the area of ​​the house. But try to keep the nature of the original wood. as much as possible As for the design, we still take the idea from the old house at Khun Bum-Prakit Kanha.(Architect from Studio Miti) used to be a guide. but converted to a single-storey house with a usable area of ​​about 200 square meters Raised slightly from the ground because around the house is a mine. in case he needs to release water In addition, there is a point where rainwater flows down from the mountain. It’s also good that the front of the house is the Ping River with a water cliff as a bank to help absorb the water quickly. So we raised the floor more than a meter to allow the wind to pass through to cool off the heat and use it as a storage place. and sprinkle with a grain of salt according to the ancient method to prevent snakes from inhabiting them.”

Behind a small sofa This is decorated with stories and memories of the couple’s lives, adding warmth to this corner well.

Even though it’s a wooden house, it emphasizes the design of openings to allow light and wind to flow around through both the windows and the sliding glass doors.

With the skills that he had taught in a drawing class and the experience of building 2 wooden houses, Khun Tom drew up a house with a simple Thai gable shape and added the usable space as he needed.

“ We are afraid of earthquakes too. So I made a wide foundation to support the weight of the house and also put a lot of piers. The bottom is focused on cement and then later to build a wooden frame. Assemble the house from old wood that you can buy. The roof structure is made of steel because the wood is completely exhausted. Then lay the roof with Polar Cool coated insulating film that reflects heat and make air openings around the house. Because we are in the middle of the field, it can absorb the wind well and help the house not get hot. The front of the house faces east. to allow the back of the house to open up to the mountains and rice fields So I made a wide balcony to sit and watch the view at this corner as well. But there are many things that need to be improvised to solve problems on the job site. Actually, we wanted the house to be taller, but the technician made the wrong floor level. or a mezzanine corner that was added later to be a corner to lie down or watch the moon during the moon.”

Khun Sa and the Thai kitchen area that is separated from the outside, away from the relaxation zone. To prevent the problem of smell and smoke entering the house But there are also windows that open to let in the light and view as well.

Another activity in Tom’s favorite corner is playing his favorite songs from his collection of vinyl records. Create a relaxing atmosphere spread throughout the house.

In addition to the design that focuses on opening the air intake and viewing the view. Khun Tom also brings the aura of a Thai wooden house. to apply many Whether it is a wooden wall covering technique Using a folding wooden door but changing the front to be clear glass to receive natural light into the house. Installing louvers for wind Making a casement window to prevent the rain, but not make the interior opaque Reusing old windows and wrought iron and the use of old wooden furniture that has been collected mixed with new items that support more comfortable use.


Your private office is home to both open windows and open doors to allow interaction or scent. From the bakery corner that you can easily live in.

one-story wooden house


Khun Sa added about the functions in the house. “Because our home context is rice fields. So he told Tom that he wanted the middle of the house to not be uncomfortable and still see the view around the house, so he designed a long corridor. In the middle of the house, connect to every corner of the house and have openings all around. The most important corners in our home are the kitchen, office, bathroom and bedroom, because it’s not really in the living corner. But usually in the office and kitchen. Which P. Tom emphasized that these two rooms are nearby. together so that we can still see, talk and listen to music together. When baking in the kitchen, the aroma reaches the office. When the weather is nice At the office room, you can also see the view to Doi Luang Chiang Dao. There are many fireflies at night. That’s why we like this place because it’s very quiet. The surrounding nature is good.”

Bedroom to entertain friends or guests. Designed as a wooden bunk bed to make the most of the space.

At the end of the bed placed a wooden table like a small student desk. fit into the corner of the window

The master bedroom is decorated with a simple wooden bed. The ceiling shows the OSB wood work under the sheer steel frame.

A cantilever window in Thai style with clear glass to allow more light to enter the house, but can also help prevent rain without having to cover up completely.

The wooden terrace continued to emerge from the bedroom. By taking advantage of the raised section from the floor as a storage compartment for the remaining wood.

What adds charm to this simple Thai house is still old furniture and collectibles from the old era mixed with the aura of memories of past lives. When combining a sketch with a new memory image that the couple spent more time taking care of each other’s lives more meticulously Thus, it has become a rhythm of life that blends in with the peaceful nature surrounding this one-story wooden house really beautifully.

Elevating a single-story floor slightly above the ground avoids soil moisture and allows for circulating wind channels. By using these vented tiles to protect against insects or reptiles but not blocking the wind.

Because they want to emphasize that the wooden house will look airy, bright and comfortable all day. therefore focusing on the combination of openings around the house Including air openings on the upper wall as well

Another way to get natural light and wind to circulate into the house is to use clear glass shutters to prevent the inside of the opaque house.

In addition to using wood as the main natural material There is also a steel frame in the roof and OSB plywood ceiling. Help to solve the greasy from all the woodwork.

The owner of the house brought the antique patterned wrought iron that he had bought and attached it as a railing for the windows to add charm to the wooden house as well.

Owner : Khun Narawan (Rachasri) and Mr. Apichai Wangtrakul Goodolddays

Designer: Apichai Wangtrakul LaeAECStudio

Subject : Phatrasiri Chotiphongsan

Pictured: Anupong Chaisukkasem

Style : Ancient Moon

Location : Chiang Mai Province

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