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Introducing 73 world-leading artists who participated in the exhibition at BAB 2022 CHAOS : CALM Chaos : Peace

On September 13th, Baan Baan Suan had the opportunity to attend a press conference for the launch of 73 world-class artists participating in the Bangkok Art Biennale 2022, popularly known as BAB 2022, organized under Concept CHAOS : CALM Chaos : Peace at the Auditorium, 5th Floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Center

The event will be held from October 22, 2022 to February 23, 2023, with exhibits at key locations. 12 historical sites in Bangkok, including Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmangkalaram Ratchaworawihan Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchaworawihan Wat Prayurawongsawat Worawihan Bangkok Art and Culture Center Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Museum Siam Learning Museum Central World Shopping Center Samyan Mitrtown, The Park, The Prelude, One Bangkok, JWD Art Space and BAB Virtual Venue.

The list of participating artists is as follows:

1. Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović ©FilipVanRoe, 2018

Born 1946 Balgrade, Serbia

Since the 1970s Marina Abramovich began her career in Balgrade. She initiated a live performance. and has produced some of the most important works since her inception. She explores her abilities both physically and mentally. fight pain fatigue and danger to find emotional and psychological changes


Abramovich received the Golden Lion Award Best Artist at Venice Biennale in 1997 and in 2010 she had her first major collection of works in the United States. at the same time She spent more than 700 hours performing live on The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York. Abramovich founded the Marina Abramovich Institute (MAI). It is a space for creating new possibilities for collaboration between thinkers from all walks of life. Through the intangible works and the works that are displayed continuously for a long time.

Marina Abramović Artist Portrait with a Candle (C)   from the series Places of Power Fine art pigment print Brazil, 2013
© Marina Abramović Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives .

Her latest publishing work is the book Walk Through Walls: A Memoir published by Crown Archetype. On October 25, 2016, an exhibition of The Cleaner collection opened in Moderna. mousset city of stockholm It was released in February 2017 and has rotated to seven other European locations. This exhibition was last shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Balgrade, Serbia in 2019. In September 2020, 7 Deaths of Maria Callas was exhibited at The Bayerische Staatsoper National Opera, Munich, is the world’s first. which will rotate to other shows. In 2023, she will be showing a solo exhibition called After Life at the Royal Academy. She will become the first female artist to use the building’s entire exhibition space in 250 years of the institution.


2. AES+F

AES+F Photo by Egor Zaika for Wallpaper Magazine, 2012

Founded 1987, Moscow


In 1987, the AES+F group was formed under the name AES Group, with its founders Arzamasova, Evzovich and Svyatsky. The group became AES+F when Fridkes joined the Year 1995

A portfolio resulting from the integration of traditional media such as photography, video and digital technology. Create works under the practice they call social psychoanalysis. It reflects the values, vices and contradictions of contemporary global culture.

AES+F received global critics in 1999 for their Islamic Project, which depicts simulated landscapes of famous western tourist cities. as a colony of Islamic culture

AES+F made a name for itself in contemporary art history when they performed at the Russian Pavilion at the 52nd Biennale di Venezia in 2007 with the sensational Last Riot, a large-scale, themed video installation. Known for their current large-scale video installations, The Feast of Trimalchio and Allegoria Sacra, debuted at the 53rd Venice Biennale and the 4th Moscow Biennale. The Liminal Space Trilogy and first performed together in September 2012 at Gropius Bau, Berlin. In 2015, AES+F launched Inverso Mundus at the 56th Biennale di Venezia, followed by Inverso Mundus at Kochi. -Muziris Biennial, Bangkok Biennial and other museums and festivals many more around the world

In 2019, AES+F, together with the Italian opera troupe Fabio Cherstich, performed Turandot’s innovative play at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, which was praised by critics for its courage and vision. In addition to video work, AES+F has also produced several sculptures of various levels. from fiberglass idols Angels-Demons 2009, first shown in France at the Lille3000 festival, to Mare Mediterraneum 2018 mini glazed ceramics, first shown at the Manifesta Biennale in Palermo.

AES+F Inverso Mundus, Inquisition, 2015 Courtesy of the artists

For over three decades, AES+F’s work has been showcased at iconic contemporary art festivals around the world, such as Biennials at Venice, Sydney, Moscow, Gwangju, Havana, Istanbul, Kochi. Musiris, Leon, Vancouver and many others AES+F works have also been exhibited in institutions and galleries such as Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Moscow ZKM, Karlsruhe HAM Helsinki. Moderna Museet Stockholm Tate Britain London MAXXI and MACRO Futre Rome Center Pompidou Paris Thyssen-Bornemisza Madrid Tang Contemporary Art Beijing Mori Art Museum Tokyo Leeum Samsung Art Museum Seoul National Gallery of Australia Canberra Faena Center for the Arts Buenos Aires and many more.

3. Sophia Al-Maria

Sophia Al-Maria Image courtesy of Bernice Mulenga.

Born 1983, Qatar

Sofia Al-Maria is a writer, filmmaker and artist who creates art that focuses on the tense relationship between creator and eater. especially in terms of the socio-economic system that defines that relationship. Much of her art is based on personal experience. Using gender and location as a medium to understand independent filmmaking The relationship between public space and social regimes, such as advertising, as well as historical results. that shaped culture in places such as Cairo and Dubai. 

Al-Maria now lives in London and represents the artist group GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), where she gained attention for her work “Gulf Futurism”, a concept of society and style. of the dystopia that characterizes the rapidly developing Persian Gulf region.

Sophia Al-Maria Beast Type Song, 2019
Installation view at Tate Britain, London Courtesy of the artist

4. APY Art Center Collective

APY Art Center Collective
Photo courtesy of APY Art Center Collective

Founded in 2017 

The APY Art Center Collective is Anagu, the ‘people’ of Anangu Pijjanjara Yangkunijjara Land (APY Land), a remote region in the southwest. upstate in southern Australia With the aim of sharing indigenous cultures through our art. Founded in 2016, APY is a strong indigenous arts center and enterprise group. with the intention of working together with a unified vision and opinions To create art projects that facilitate collaboration and business development initiatives for the benefit of all.

APY Art center Collective (Iwantja Men’s Collaborative) Nganampa Ngura, 2021
acrylic on linen, 300x300cm
Iwantja Arts and APY Art center Collective

APY’s vision is to encourage all members of the community to be strong in their culture and to succeed in their world and the public. APY Group prides itself on his art and business strength that is self-reliant. and is important to his region The Arts Center is the only source of income other than the government for Anagu, thus the only way to economic independence and empowerment. important to them It is also a place where culture is celebrated and taught on a daily basis, laying a strong foundation for artistic excellence and integrity.

APY Art center Collective (Nynmiti Burton) Kungarangkalpa, 2021
acrylic on linen, 300x 300cm
Adelaide Studio and APY Art Center Collective

There are nine arts centers that make up The Collective Iwantja Arts, Mimili Maku Arts, Ernabella Arts, Kaltjiti Arts, Tjala Arts, Tjungu Palya, Ninuku Arts, Adelaide Studio and Umoona Arts. They are home to more than 500 Anangu artists.

The APY Arts Center represents Australia’s most celebrated and collectible Indigenous artists. Recent achievements include Vincent Namatjira (Iwantja Arts) winning the prestigious Archibald Prize at The Art Gallery of New South Wales in 2020. Zaachariaha Fielding (Adelaide Studio) was a finalist for the Ramsey Art Prize at the Art Gallery of South. Australia in 2021 and Betty Muffler and Maringka Burton (Iwantja Arts) and Betty Pumani (Mimili Maku Arts) are included in The National 2021: New Australian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales The Ken Sisters Collaborative (Tjala Arts. ), Betty Pumani (Mimili Maku Arts) and Sylvia Ken (Tjala Arts) received the prestigious Wynne Prize in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. Kayleen Whiskey (Iwantja Arts) ) won the Sulman Prize in 2018 and artist Wawiriya Burton,

5. Francesco Arena

Francesco Arena Photo Roberto-Marossi

Born 1967 Torre Santa Susanna, Italy

Francesco Arena is an independent artist. To distill most of Francesco Arena’s work into a simple, straightforward formula, it might be called shaped numbers Because although from a linguistic point of view his work can be called a personal development and “inheritance” to the sculpture process arising from the geometric shapes typical of minimalist art. And of Arte Povera’s so-called exemplary art – seen in the essence of his abstract and non-personal works. which combines with experience Description of historical facts or personal information – but looking at the text His work is often the translation of formulas and figures linked to those facts or histories. which is the origin of these numbers

His research process tends to move in two directions: the path of history as a whole. and personal history forming two paths that touch, overlap and intersect in his performances, arrangements and sculptures. The action of the story tells the script to the objects in the work. Whether it’s everyday items such as diaries, cigars, living room furniture. or objects created from traditional sculptural materials (marble, slate, bronze).

Francesco Arena Mare della tranquillità, 2013
Metal, wood, performer, shoes; 75 x 500 x 175 cm
Courtesy of the artist
Photo : Martin Argyroglo

He has participated in a variety of exhibitions held at leading venues such as Museo Madre, Naples (2021); Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2021); Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila ( 2021); CaixaForum, Barcelona (2018); Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland (2018); PYFF, Ping Yao, Shanxi, China, (2018); Unlimited. , Art Basel, (2017), MAXXI, Rome (2017); Fondazione Merz, Turin (2017); Triennale di Milano (2015), Palazzo Strozzi, Florence. (2015); Castello di Rivoli, Turin (2015–2014 and 2012); FRAC Champagne-Ardenne (2013); 55th Venice Biennial (2013); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin. (2011); Nomas Foundation, Rome (2008).

Francesco Arena currently lives and works in Cassano delle Murque, Italy.

6. ART for AIR

ART for AIR (representatives)

Established 2019, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The “Art For Air” exhibition is a collaboration. during the breath Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center (Three Kings) and independent art spaces Gather collaborations from creators and artists. Leads to an art project in the ground. Public places around Chiang Mai The main aim is to participate, create an atmosphere of criticism and create awareness based on understanding. resulting in a holistic cooperation Knowledge and interesting proposals with a wide range of contemporary art. Therefore, Art For Air acts as a medium for collaboration between artists, creators and academics. various experts from many areas to create the phenomenon of art exhibition on smoke dust and global warming to lead Offers perspectives on a wide variety of problems. 

Art for Air (Rirkrit Tiravanija) Untitled (Solar Cooking) , 2022
Solar Cookers 5 sets, Green Curry
Courtesy of the Nature Lab
Photo : Jirawat Tunprasert

Art for Air (Rirkrit Tiravanija) Untitled (Solar Cooking) , 2022 (detail) Solar Cookers 5 sets, Green Curry Courtesy of the Nature Lab Photo : Jirawat Tunprasert

The overview of this exhibition is a critique from an angle. view of the city in the forest Overlapping the meaning of the forest will give us a clear picture of the problem. It can be seen that the problems in energy, industry, agriculture and human behavior are all intrusive. Go in the definition of the forest, all in the current and future contemporary art streams believe that environmental issues linked to society Cultural politics will become more and more intense. And it is the historical mark of civilization. Art is not only the communication of beauty to see, but also the beauty of attitude of awareness and action. in practice and research May replace the traditional aesthetic Art For Air is both a look at the future of contemporary art. and the future of climate with the thought process of the artist whether present the concept of renewable energy Criticism of the political structure that affects its emergence of small dust Cultural fire management and more The way of thinking that leads to a solution Many opinions and assumptions will be expressed through the language of contemporary art that everyone will agree that artistic power arises when it promotes social, economic, cultural development and contributes to the improvement of social conditions. Seeing, realizing and helping to pass on new possibilities to the community in which we continue to live

7. Nadiah Bamadhaj

Nadiah Bamadhaj Photo by Vivien Poly

Born 1968, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Nadia Bamadajlive in Yogyakarta Indonesia Trained as a sculptor in New Zealand from the Canterbury School of Fine Arts, she creates collages using unique techniques developed over the years. Her works also include sculptures. Works for a specific area Digital video and printmaking. She lectures on fine arts in Kuala Lumpur. Wrote several articles and publications on human rights in Malaysia and Indonesia. The Asian Public Intellectual Fellowship was funded by the Nippon Foundation twice in 2002 and 2004 and is currently on the board of Yayasan Kebaya, an HIV-infected homeless shelter in Yogyakarta. Eye In 2019 her collection of over 18 years of art ‘Nadiah Bamadhaj’ was published by SKIRA Publishing in Italy and she was recently featured in ‘Vitamin D3: Today’s Best in Contemporary Drawing’ by London-based PHAIDON Publishing House, her artwork focuses on the social complexity of life in Indonesian society using images, endemic flora and fauna. batik pattern legendary story and architecture to convey her observations.

Nadiah Bamadhaj The Reckoning, 2021 (detail)
Charcoal on paper collage, 292.0 x 225.0 x 20.0 cm
Courtesy of the artist

8. Wendimagegn Belete

Wendimagegn Belete Image courtesy of the artist

Born 1986, Ethiopia

Vondimagan Beleth currently lives and works in Ethiopia and Norway. In 2012 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the AAU Alle School of Fine Arts and Design, ET. He pursued a master’s degree in contemporary art at the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing in Norway. By graduating in year 2017

Wendimagegn Belete Your Gaze Makes Me 6, 2021
Print on matt photo paper, and artist-manipulated photograph, 180 x 130 cm / 70 7/8 x 51 1/8 in
Courtesy The Artist / Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

Beleth’s work draws a strong background on Ethiopian narratives, identity and history. It also contains encyclopedic information taken from historical photographs, texts, stories, video frames, and his own experiences and photographs. with an interest in epigenetics and the concept of memory passed on from generation to generation He invites viewers to consider both our cultural identity and our personal identities. It reflects the accumulation of past experiences, events and decisions that still influence the present situation. His works have been exhibited worldwide such as Your Gaze Makes Me (Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Germany 2021). )  Iodeposito (Italian, 2021),  I Call it Art (Norwegian National Museum in Oslo, 2022)  Artsy Vanguard .(Miami, USA, 2021) and winner of the 6th Future Generation Art Prize (PinkchukArtCentre, Kiev, Ukraine 2021).

9. Montien Boonma

Montien Boonma


Montien Bunma is one of the most important artists in Thai and international contemporary art. Montien’s work participated in an art exhibition at Many internationally outstanding Biennale, Triennale, art festivals and in leading museums. Montien’s work is outstanding in A harmonious blend of Thai and Western art. He is an artist who pioneers local Thai identity that has never been presented before in formal art. He uses cheap local materials that are commonly found in the provinces. reveals the Thainess that is not centralized anywhere which rarely appears before in the field of contemporary Thai art

Montien graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting. from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University and continued his studies in Sculpture at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts and the Université de Paris VIII, France.

Montien Boonma Zodiac Houses, 1998-1999.
Metal, herbal medicine, wood, cellophane, and transparency sheet. Size variable.
Installation view at the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

During the 90’s, Montien continued to create works of art. Both installation art, mixed media, and sculpture reflecting the concept of nature, society and the advancement of industry. under economic and social development which was the mainstream during that decade after hearing the news of his wife’s illness with breast cancer Montien’s work began to turn into a thought process. and asking Buddhist philosophical questions Meaning of birth, life and death

after the wife’s departure Montien began to show more art abroad. and devoted his strength to art work but instead resulted in himself suffering from cancer Still, Montien never stopped creating art. Although their own body is not conducive to work. He could not resist the thoughts and minds of Montien that was full of creative energy until the end of his life. He left this world at the age of 48 while his life as an artist was thriving. And known internationally, Montien is considered an important artist that has put Thailand on the map of international art exhibitions.

10. Stephanie Jane Burt

Stephanie Jane Burt Image courtesy of the artist.

Born 1988, Singapore

Stephanie Jane Burt is an artist who creates sculptures to fictional works. Her work invites viewers to explore the dialogue between her work and the installation site. through fictional storytelling With occasional references to film and literature, her artworks cover feminism, gender, analysis of young girl culture and Roman Nouveau. She is a member of the group A Stubborn Bloom, which is interested in the representation of femininity in fashion, cinema and material culture.

Stephanie Jane Burt Public Commission for Lock Route , 2017
Steel, Industrial Paint,
Dimensions Variable
Image courtesy of the artist .

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