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Special cover, House and Garden, 46th Anniversary Edition by Thai autistic artist

The paintings tell the story of family, home and garden, with delicate lines blended with childish colors. On the cover of Baan Lae Suan 46th Anniversary Edition is the work of a Thai autistic artist.

These paintings have a unique look from the many works of art that were on display at the Mango Art Festival earlier this year. And it became the beginning of an impression that led “Baan Lae Suan” to persuade the artist who painted this picture to come and create a special cover of the 46th Anniversary Edition in September 2022 to present the family of Baan and Suan. The garden looks especially bright.

Behind the scenes of the special cover drawing, September 2022 issue, 46th anniversary

The group of artists who paint brightly is autistic children from the Thai Autism Foundation. It was founded by Ajarn Chusak Chanthayanon 17 years ago to care, educate and train skills for special children to communicate and interact with society. By bringing art and music as a medium to create many astonishing works of art on the product. Under the brand name Art Story, it is a social business for children and autistic people, supervised by Mr. P-Warat Chanthayanon , Manager of Autistic Thai Company. Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. to jointly create works from imagination and feelings into products and exhibitions that can be touched with all 5 senses, whether it is painting, line drawing, design, handicraft (image and touch), coffee, bakery. (Taste and Smell) and Thai Music (Voice) under the support of the Thai Autism Foundation. resulting in a sustainable career and income

Khun Phi said that ten years ago, not much was known about autism. until the foundation was founded. participated in the art therapy project 8 people

“We started to train children in various activities, including art, music, and career building. Because art or music helps to adjust the mood and mind for the children. So good that he can develop himself a lot. Each person will have a different character. When conveyed through drawings, there are lines and colors that are unique. until we saw that it could be developed and expressed to the outside world Let’s start with our logo, which came into being in the drawing hours of Nong Nui-Naphacharan Worasuthiphisit who wants to draw the faces of 8 friends in the classroom And then I brought those cute lines to screen on cloth bags, shirts and mugs, which is a simple product. to try and sell first.”


The response is not only that people are interested in supporting these cute patterned products. After posting the children’s work into the online world began to have various organizations Contact to ask to join in the creation and development of children’s artworks. Goes in a variety of ways continuously. Whether it is to draw a pattern on a cloth bag Cold glass, power socket, cloth mask, notebook, clock face wallpaper in the mall or participate in various art exhibitions  

At present, there are children in the art classroom. More than 30 students have come to study together, with teachers who understand, take care and advise. including teaching learning techniques and creating new art To open a channel for the talent or artistry in each child to show their potential more clearly.


Teacher Fred-Thanapat Lertkrai and Kru Dew-Suthipakorn Sae-Tiao , two new teachers who continued their work from Kru Ping and Kru Toi, who were the pioneers of the first generation. told about the way of teaching art to children that“Art helps to heal and heal children to be more focused, happier. Including the development of eyesight to distinguish about shapes and colors well. First we need to notice and talk to him what he likes or is interested in and then invite him to do what he likes. Let him trust and trust until he dares to express what he loves. Then bring a sample art picture for him to learn and learn to draw first to see if he looks at the picture in two or three dimensions. When he knows what he is good at, he will push and promote in that style. Because many people don’t know what they like at first. no basis at all Start with a simple line But what we emphasize is not to delete. To give him confidence first and gradually develop to see his great determination to become an astonishing work of art.”


as well as the cover image of our magazine. Nong AA-Chatchai Chalayakul is the designer who creates stories and tells about the joy of staying at home with family with parents, friends and various pets. Inside a gable-shaped house surrounded by trees and flowers from a beautiful garden. with stripes that are often angular in shape or dividing the channel into small blocks put together into a large picture with a unique style Ready to decorate with bright colors confidently

P said that the children Often likes to paint houses, which are already basic shapes. “I believe that we all had to go through painting a gable house like this when we were young. Each person’s house has a different character. And I’m very glad that ‘Baan Lae Suan’ contacted me and responded immediately as well. Because I want the children’s work I have been through a medium that is very well known, such as ‘Baan Lae Suan’. in various forms I always feel proud and happy.”

In addition to this magazine, Baan Lae Suan Readers can also support their work by purchasing paintings or other products from Art Story through the Thai Autism Foundation. Head office branch, Icon Craft zone, 4th floor ICONSIAM, ODS zone, 3rd floor Siam Discovery, Tempem Coffee, Nawamintrathirat University branch, The Barn Hong Kong, TrueCoffee Shop branches and online distribution channels      

Subject : Phatrasiri Chotiphongsan

Pictured: Ritthirong Chanthongsuk, Soranan Sae-Tang

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