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Take the cats to change the atmosphere at Pet Friendly Hotels.

During this time, you may be hearing about onychomycosis in cats. ThatWhen at home it’s boring. Then change the atmosphere and bring the cat out to sleep at the hotel. But what kind of atmosphere does the cat like…? We will take you to see 2 atmospheres together. Between the chilling atmosphere by the river or watching the beautiful lights on a tall building in the heart of the city, let’s see how the cat likes it. But, of course, the chilling person would be the slave, hehe. can be transmitted to humans, that is, fungal disease sporothyroidosis. It is caused by a fungus called Sporothrix schenkii.

Accommodation is very important because we will take the cat to sleep as a friend. The hotels we choose must be Pet Friendly Hotels so that they can work as well. hug the cat Add peace of mind to slaves like us by Pet Friendly Hotels that we will introduce with 2 atmospheres together. How pleasant to stay? Follow me.

The first day, we stayed at the ibis Bangkok Riverside Hotel.

Pet Friendly Hotels

The slaves and the cats will be immersed in the chill atmosphere overlooking the Chao Phraya River. while watching different colors of light throughout the day The ibis Bangkok Riverside Hotel is located in the heart of the city on Soi Charoen Nakhon 17, which is easily accessible by BTS Skytrain. or passenger boat and close to major attractions like ICONSIAM or Asiatique A chic tourist destination that is full of shopping, eating, and drinking for you to spend time enjoying. And this place is already known for its deliciousness.

by ibis Bangkok Riverside Hotel offers simple rooms. at an economical price But there are complete facilities. There is a swimming pool for children and families.

Pet Friendly Hotels

For those who bring pets to stay At the hotel area, there is a wide lawn where children can run or take a walk. Or anyone who wants to eat with the kids, the hotel will have a zone specifically designed for those who bring pets.

Pet Friendly Hotels

The food is delicious. There is a wide variety of menus. This meal, we ordered a total of 6 things, such as Garlic Prawns (Shrimp is a shrimp. Not the shrimp spirit), Pizza served hot, very tasty, Tom Yum Mixed, Isaan Sausage, Roasted Pork Belly with Chili Salt and Stir-Fried Vegetables.

Including the promotion of croissants with tea or coffee drinks. There are 4 types of croissants to choose from: fruit croissant, tuna croissant, mushroom croissant and chocolate croissant.

Pet Friendly Hotels

when finished We took the cat rolling up to the room. prepare to continue working along with a beautiful view because from the window of the room We can take the cat to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River with the evening light. Which is the best combination
? How to get your cat familiar with the cat basket or bag?

Pet Friendly Hotels

The next day, we stayed at the ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 24 hotel.


Take the cat to change the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the beautiful city view from the tall buildings. Both the light and the colors are very dazzling to the cat’s eyes. This will be a combination of 2 hotels, Mercure and ibis. We chose to stay at the ibis side for the reason that ibis is a Pet Friendly Hotels that is ready to welcome our furry. It is also located in the heart of the city on a good location and shopping centers like The Emporium and Emquatier. Conveniently located near BTS Phrom Phong station.

Pet Friendly Hotels

As soon as you step in the door, you will find Deli & Bar located in front of the lobby floor first. There is a wide variety of drink menus. Whether it is tea, coffee, fruit juice, smoothies, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. with freshly baked bakery that looks delicious including savory food

Secretly found a furry sitting down below. Who is afraid that the younger brother will be lonely can take them for a walk Sit downstairs with us.

ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 24 is a hotel that meets both the price. and convenience Emphasize decorations with bright colors. modern The room was a good size. save space Full facilities such as refrigerator, TV, tea and coffee making facilities. Including a hair dryer that is important to women like us.

Pet Friendly Hotels

Breakfast will be served on the 8th floor, The Market Restaurant, the hotel’s main restaurant. The decoration is beautiful, spacious, I can say that the breakfast here is very diverse, dazzling, delicious, complete, but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures for friends (pets are not allowed).

Other facilities of the hotel including swimming pool, fitness and Vue bar are located on the 29th floor, which are only available to guests staying with Mercure. use of the service (Pets are not allowed)

We didn’t miss taking pictures of food, drinks, desserts, as well as the atmosphere at Vue bar for friends. Everything tastes good. I’ve seen a lot of orders like this. It’s smooth. The taste is really good.  

Pet Friendly Hotels

for the dog slave Or a cat who wants to change the atmosphere to Staycation or Workation would like to leave the ibis hotel. It is another option in the hearts of all animal lovers.
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Story : Monggyishappy
Photo : Anupong Chaisukkasem

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