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Leaking roof symptoms Check and fix it before the ceiling collapses.

Dangerous warning! If the ceiling has water stains, stains, black mold, bulging color, don’t be complacent. because a small amount of water There was a big problem hidden above the ceiling from the roof leaking, cracking, and water seeping in from the damage. or old roof deterioration which if not rushed to repair May spread to walls, floors and furniture. or the ceiling carries water until it collapses Of course, the repair cost will be higher as well. Let’s see what kind of symptoms sue that the roof is leaking. How do I check for a leaky roof? and when to call expert technician Let’s solve the problem on the spot. not to escalate than before roof leak

roof leak symptoms

The roof is a high point. not able to see thoroughly Also when water leaks in May drip under the leaking point at all. or flowing to another point further away Therefore, it is difficult to check for leaks. Especially old buildings that are 10-20 years old or more, roofing materials or installation equipment often begin to deteriorate. or even a new building with a non-standard roof If these symptoms are found on the ceiling and roof Do not hesitate to inspect the roof for leaks thoroughly. before it escalated until the house was severely damaged

Notice the symptoms of the ceiling.

  • Mottled-moist stains are symptoms of water leaking down the spot. may drip and dry By gradually accumulating until the ceiling is stained in a circle. If you try to touch the ceiling during the rain, the ceiling is still dry. It may mean that there is less leakage. Or the water may change to drop at another point. Or caused by other reasons such as moisture from rat urine or birds on the ceiling. But if it is a water stain that is wet Shows that there is a point where the roof leak is quite certain. Often have symptoms with a blistered color, swollen ceiling, the wider the water stain, the more leaking. should not be left for long because the ceiling is very waterlogged will be several times heavier than before and may collapse This should be urgently inspected and repaired.
  • Black mold often occurs with melasma that has accumulated moisture all the time. and damp for a long time until mold If black mold is a star Only certain spots are often caused by roof leaks. But if there is black mold spread throughout the ceiling This may be due to the humidity in the room. Poor ventilation such as bathrooms, if left, may cause illnesses such as allergies, rashes, asthma, pneumonia, especially if there are children and elderly people in the house. The more it needs to be repaired ASAP

Observe the roof symptoms.

  • low sloping roof If the roof slope is less than the installation standard of roofing material It is the cause of water flowing back into the house. So if it’s a new home that has just passed the first rain and found that there was water leaking at several points at the same time may be caused by this The minimum slope for roofing is as follows:

                – Metal sheet should be tilted at least 5 degrees.


                – Fiber cement corrugated tiles, such as double corrugated tiles, small corrugated tiles, with a slope of at least 15 degrees

                – concrete tiles The roof slopes at least 17 degrees.

                 – Terracotta tiles The roof slopes at least 20 degrees.

  • Cracked tiles are usually caused by things hitting them. or the material deteriorates itself Large cracks are easy to spot, but smaller cracks are hard to spot until water seeps in. If found, then a technician should go up to inspect and repair.
  • The ridge cover, side cover, and wishbone cover reveal bent-cracked roof joints that are often leak points are ridge cover, side cover and wishbone cover if not installed properly. There is a gap, there is a crack, it allows water to seep in.
  • Broken tile fixing screws When screws rust worn out rubber or drilling even a small hole Water can leak in. If there is a leak due to deterioration at one point then It is very likely that other points are deteriorating as well. Therefore, the technician should be considered to change other points as well. It will be worrying for a long time.

Do not neglect to inspect the roof for leaks.

                Every home should be inspected for damage every year, especially if your home is an older one, it shouldn’t be ignored. It is recommended to check for roof leakage in 3 cases:

  • Ceiling – the roof has irregularities such as the ceiling with water stains, black mold, dark circles. saw cracks in the roof There was a piece of cement falling down. It is an urgent case that must be investigated. and promptly repaired by expert technicians before the damage intensified.
  • before the rainy season It is an annual examination such as observing abnormalities, various joints, cracks, obstruction of drainage channels. to prevent problems before
  • Older buildings that are 10-20 years old are more likely to have roof leaks with the building’s age. Each type of roofing material has a different service life. The longer the service life is set, the more attention must be paid. And it’s best to call a professional technician to repair or replace the equipment. The lifespan of roofing materials is as follows:

               – shingle roof The service life is 10-25 years according to the warranty of each company.

               – Metal sheet has a service life of 10-30 years, depending on material grade and coating.

               – Fiber cement tiles, such as double corrugated tiles, have a lifespan of 30-40 years, but are often cracked if impacted. and leaks around the fixing device and joints

  • concrete tile Porcelain tiles have a lifespan of 30-50 years, often leaking around the joints of the roof.

How to check your roof for leaks yourself

When symptoms are found to sue for leakage Homeowners can check for roof leaks by themselves. But if the point is difficult to check so high that it may be dangerous Or still can’t find the leak point. Need to have a professional technician come to check again. The preliminary inspection methods are as follows:

  • Check for water stains on the ceiling. If the ceiling has abnormal humidity according to the above symptoms It is very likely that there will be water leaking in. It is recommended to observe the ceiling in other points as well. because there may be more than 1 leak  
  • Open the ceiling and look under the roof.  At the upper floor ceiling should be installed at least one service channel for up to maintenance. It is recommended to go up to explore 2 times: during the rainy season, you can see water leaks. But water may flow from other points as well. Therefore, it should be explored during the day again. by looking for a spot where the sun shines through and write down the location to point out the point for the technician to repair
  • Make artificial rain  by spraying water to make it fall like rain. It is another method that can be used to check for leaks.
  • Observed from outside the building  Look for any abnormalities, such as cracks, tiles that are more exposed than usual. There was a piece of tile or cement falling from the roof. It may damage the roof.

End the leaking problem on the spot

Roof leakage is a problem that cannot be left unattended. can occur for many reasons Since the leaking hole at the head of the tile fixing screw Leaking around the ridge cover, side cover, wishbone, which is the roof joint. until the tiles deteriorate and crack If unable to repair by yourself Lack of expertise, lack of equipment, or in high places that are difficult to reach Don’t hesitate to call an experienced technician. and specialize in inspecting and repairing ceiling and roof works to fix on the spot Use quality repair materials and products. according to the type of use It will end the problem without pain from trial and error. Thus, the budget and problems do not escalate from repeated repairs.

24 FIX , a specialist in home and residential repair work. Collaborated with Crocodile – JORAKAY , a leader in waterproofing and repair products. for ceiling and roof leak repair services With experienced professional technicians from 24 FIX, who come with high quality waterproofing products from crocodile, which have invented innovations that are environmentally friendly and safe for health (Green Product), as well as having a special promotion from 24 FIX to Let the homeowner be confident in the quality of both the technician team and the products used. Can solve the problem on the spot, treat it, disappear for sure, do not repeat the leak, cost-effective and have a long service life.

Promotion for home lovers

Anyone who sees the danger signal from the damp-roof leaking symptoms, don’t wait. 24 FIX has a team ready to give you a friendly consultation. That takes care of the site survey, repair and delivery with expert technicians who use high quality products from crocodiles, with great promotions that should not be missed.

  1. Promotion for surveying at the site of roof repair work / roof leaking
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  2. Promotion of roofing and ceiling work
    – Roof repair service fee starting from 2,500 (exclude VAT)
    – ceiling repair at specific spot, starting price 3,500 (exclude VAT)
    Terms of service are as specified by the company
    . on the job site and can be repaired immediately, for example, no need to set up scaffolding (In the case of scaffolding There is an additional cost)
    2. Technician assesses at the site that they can go up to do the survey, for example, not too loud. Or rotten roof structure
    3. There is an opening that can go up to explore under the roof (in case of ceiling work)
    4. Promotion period until October 31, 2022
    5. The company reserves the right to change the conditions. Promotion period and various requirements without prior notice The Company’s decision is final.

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