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Choose a roof that is beautiful, durable, and suitable for your home style.

To build a new house with the roof is one of the important elements that must be considered both in terms of beauty and comfort. In the past, the most popular roofs were tile roofs, which were heavy and expensive. or metal sheet roof that is lightweight but hot No curls, beautiful and noisy, especially on rainy days.

At present, there is another option that can be called an innovation which is CMR (Ceramic metal roof) which is a lightweight roof innovation, Light Weight Roof Innovation that can solve the problem of traditional roofing. with the properties and knowledge of ceramic steel roofing will be able to choose to use it more precisely

Features of ceramic steel roof

A ceramic steel roof is a roof where the top sheet is coated with ceramic beads. Designed to reduce rain noise problems. or the noise of the roof when the temperature changes and when coated with ceramic beads on top of the roof sheet Therefore, it can reflect sunlight, heat, UV & IR rays well, reducing heat in the house by 3 degrees, making the house cool. while the internal structure is high tensile steel making it strong Resistant to all weather conditions, including storms, rain, strong winds and hail. The important thing is that there are few joints, so no leakage problems. The service life is long. Including the color quality of the roof is the color of ceramic beads, which has been heated to a temperature of more than 1000 degrees, so there is no problem of color fading. So we dare to guarantee the color quality for 30 years.

In addition, the roof sheet is lightweight. saves the roof structure can be easy to install easy to move The job was done quickly without the need for specialized technicians. Thus saving the overall cost as well. 

Strength hidden in 1.55 mm ceramic steel roof

Choose a roof to suit your home style.

Originally, CMR ceramic roof had only one type of corrugation. Currently, there are 4 additional curls to choose from, namely Norden Snaplock, NEO Triple 760, Legend 730 and Wave 760, each of which provides a beautiful finish to suit various home styles. Thus increasing the choice of construction design work more. We have matching examples using different types of curls. to suit the house

European style luxury house

For those who are passionate about European architecture Emphasis on luxury Most of the houses in this style are similar in shape to geometric shapes. Use concrete and brick building materials because they are strong and natural. The unique roof is A gable roof that could also be used as an attic. Therefore, a roof that can reflect sunlight must be used. Reduced heat and noise. Suitable for CASA Spain 760 curls with a beautiful curved design. 


nordic style house   

For those who fall in love with a house with a beautiful, simple design, comfortable and relaxing, it is characterized by clean lines and natural tones. Suitable for CMR roof model Norden Snaplock , which has a long, smooth corrugation, can be installed hidden by screws.

modern style house

Modern-style houses are often geometric, smooth, airy, uncomplicated, using structures and materials that respond well to functionality. and prefer to use flat roofs And prevent water from flowing backwards. The NEO Triple 760 roof, designed with 3 ridges, mixes both high and low, is suitable for this style of home.

classic style house

elegant house It looks expensive and timeless. influenced by western art It looks large and majestic, both the size of the house and the interior emphasizing refinement. commonly used gable triangle roof Suitable for using Legend 730 curls 

gable roof house

A gable roof is a standard roof type that will suit almost any home style. and has been used for a long time in every era Because the form of the roof is easy to care for. have a slope and can be further decorated If you want your house to be beautiful, cool in every dimension, use 5 popular standard curls, you can choose Wave 760 model.

If you want to know if each CMR steel roof is suitable for your home design or not? Go try and choose a roof at

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