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Modern Outdoor Space

Turn the outdoor area into a modern garden, comfortable to use, style, branches, stems, leaves.


Modern Outdoor Space This book collects various ideas and ideas from the works of 15 beautiful gardens selected by “Kang Kan Bai” with various sizes for you to explore the relaxation area around each house. 
with a hardscape drawing detailing the structure, material and distance 
The garden style within the book emphasizes the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a practical space. 
There are elements such as living corners, ponds, waterfalls, gazebos, swimming pools, garden rooms, swings, garden bars, etc., as well as children’s spaces such as sand pits, tree houses, miniature mountains, and increase the ease of use in the garden such as sinks, storage cabinets. Equipment, pet bathing corner, etc. The plant focuses on durable species, beautiful forms, easy to care for, transforming the previously unused outdoor space into a creative modern outdoor space. 
especially those with similar sized areas 
These ideas will make you want to turn your new outdoor space into a modern garden corner of your dreams.

Author: branches, stems, leaves
465.00 baht

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