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Cactus Cactus Diseases and Pests

Recognize unusual symptoms from diseases, pests, mites and pests. Problems that need to be solved before the call along with prevention and elimination guidelines. Penetration 9


Cactus is an ornamental plant that has grown in popularity and never goes out of fashion. with a variety of species and varieties In addition, new hybrids are constantly being developed. when planting What is inevitable is that a cactus plant will become sick, unhealthy, wither, rot and eventually die. which is caused by many factors whether care Weather conditions, diseases and various insect pests invade and cause damage. This book is compiled and compiled from the author’s experience. To assist in the diagnosis of diseases and abnormalities that occur with a particular cactus. with illustrations of abnormalities caused by various causes, which readers can use to check and compare by themselves And used as a guideline for finding ways to prevent and eliminate properly following diseases in cactus.

Author: Dr. Sarinna Amrung

Price: 395.00 baht

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