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WORKSPACE A co-working space with a library of ready-to-use materials.

WORKSPACE is a co-working space in Boonthavorn, Ratchaphruek Branch (Design Village), which aims to create a common space for both homeowners and young designers to relax and find inspiration.

WORKSPACE consists of 4 main zones: café, co-working space. material library and outdoor seating area on the balcony Highlighted is the co-working space and library section, where the key design challenge is to make it easy for both the customer and the designer to access the material sample library to support the perfect design.

WORKSPACE Co-Working Space Boonthavorn

WORKSPACE Co-Working Space BoonthavornWORKSPACE Co-Working Space Boonthavorn

From the cafe zone to the coworking zone In addition to the sudden change in ceiling height Architects also create boundaries.
spaces by using different materials in different shades to create a perception of the transition between spaces Ready to choose furniture
Floats to accommodate adjustments for different activities.

Inside the hall, the height is equivalent to a 3-storey building, a co-working space and a material library. They are designed to be cascaded.
Like an amphitheater in the back above the café zone to open up an airy view at the edge of the window that connects to the outside area
The high wall plane is formed by the stacking of cube units measuring 60 x 60 centimeters, which are used to display samples of various materials. It is also the main design element of this zone.

WORKSPACE Co-Working Space Boonthavorn
WORKSPACE Co-Working Space Boonthavorn
WORKSPACE Co-Working Space Boonthavorn

The staircase connects and ensures seamless access to each floor. And when going up to the 3rd floor, you will find a more private co-working space. Connected to the meeting room and surrounded by hanging rods for samples of materials such as curtains, wallpaper, etc., on the 4th floor is a large collection of laminated materials. Plus, the view from the top floor creates an interesting different space experience.

Usable area: 1,400 square meters
Address: 8/8 Village No. 4, Bang Rak Noi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nonthaburi Province
Tel. 0-2700-9888

Owner: Boon Dao Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Design: Onion
Photo: Ketsiree Wongwan, Srirath Somsawat


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