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NIAGACHIC HOME OFFICE When the house acts as a photo booth

Home office resulting from the conversion of the 2nd floor area of ​​a 2-storey shophouse to be work and semi-relaxation. But most importantly, it’s a beautiful room to appear on the online world. through use as a promotional photo shoot Niagachic

to meet people in the online world mainly Guidelines for designing this workspace Therefore, they surveyed the styles of “styles” and “photos” that are popular online. to extract elements from the style and aspect of the image. Coming to the design space


making it possible to use in different corners of the room It is a scene for photographing clothes. to make the brand image more persistent However, the areas that appear in the virtual world must refer to the actual use. It consists of 4 functional areas: a work area and a meeting room, a relaxation area, a studio room with mannequins and the rest is used as a storage room.

by all areas seen The owner still uses it in everyday life. And of course, those routines have overlapped with their use as a shooting scene. All areas of the house are well thought out and analyzed. Therefore, it can be used to take pictures and Promote products from every angle


Usable area: 60 square meters
Tel. 08-8552-7407
FB: Niagachic
IG: Aniagachic

Owner : Niagachic
Design : Please Feel Invited
Picture : Manuchet Chaiyo

CHAMPA GALLERY combines a house and a sarong shop in the home office.

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