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What is the difference between marinated and pickled food?

Fermentation We all call this the familiar way of preserving food by soaking in brine, vinegar, salt, and sugar, but actually fermenting and pickling to preserve food lasts longer are completely different. since the making process A translator that makes each food taste different. including the taste

Today, my home has gathered simple observations that can separate the fermented products from each other easily, without confusion. Where is the fermentation? And the pickles are the same or different? Let’s go see.

Fermentation is the preservation of food that uses sugar or salt as a reaction. By relying on microorganisms to decompose various raw materials, fermentation takes a long time ranging from weeks, months, to even years. has ancient origins It started in China and slowly traveled around the world. Overall, fermentation is the use of microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast as the culprits that convert carbohydrates. to alcohol Food obtained from the fermentation process When eaten, it stimulates the growth of probiotics. It has a beneficial effect on the human digestive system. eating fermented food Therefore, it is considered part of a healthy diet. aids in digestion and excrete waste from the body We can divide fermentation into 3 main types:

1. Fermentation that causes alcohol (Alcoholic Fermentation)

What's the difference between a pickle, a pickle, a pickle, a pickle?

this type of fermentation Yeast is used to change the sugar. to become alcohol and during the fermentation Carbon dioxide is produced at the same time. Products that provide this type of fermentation include liquor, wine and beer.

2. Fermentation that causes acetic acid (Acetic Acid Fermentation)

What's the difference between a pickle, a pickle, a pickle, a pickle?

this kind of fermentation occurs after fermentation that causes alcohol will be converted to acid by naturally occurring bacteria But this type of acidification is possible or not. Depending on the type of bacteria, therefore, in order to get better results Most often, lead bacteria like Acetobacter Aceti are added to the fermentation, which will form a vinegar-based product.

3. Fermentation that causes lactic acid (Lactic Acid Fermentation)

What's the difference between a pickle, a pickle, a pickle, a pickle?


this type of fermentation It is mostly used for fermenting food. By relying on bacteria and fungi as a reaction to food. Although there are many different types of bacteria and fungi. But the products obtained from this type of fermentation back too is formed into lactic acid That can prevent the growth of other types of bacteria that can spoil the fermented food. But sometimes this type of fermentation may have yeast and mold growing. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity appropriately for the microorganisms that want to grow. Products from this type of fermentation are such as yogurt, sour milk, salami, pepperoni, kimchi, soy sauce, soybean paste.

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