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Waterfall garden of tree lovers with ducks as pets

For homes with some beautiful gardens Having creatures to live or run around can help add to the atmosphere to be bright, lively and more beautiful.

which if talking about pets in the garden Many people may think of dogs or fish most of the time, but for the waterfall garden of tree lovers like Khun Nun-Thanaphon and Khun Jumbo-Jenrat Jeammanisakul, there is another “beautiful duck”. Loving and equally interesting

An English-style garden focuses on fine foliage plants and materials in white, grey, and black tones. There is also a garden entrance inspired by wrought-iron balcony railings. It helps to enhance the atmosphere in the front of the house to look rhyme with tone control in the same direction as the house.

Samet Daeng’s beautiful form is a turning point that goes well with both the English and tropical gardens.

When walking through the garden gate, enter along the path parallel to the fence and the house. Khun Mai has slowly changed the garden mood from an English garden style to a tropical garden style. with the end of the walk as a point of view that raises the ground slightly to create dimensions for the garden area

Khun Mai Thapanit Chotiksathien , a skilled gardener from Murraya Garden, told about the beginning of garden design. along with taking a walk to see the surrounding atmosphere that “The main demand of homeowners is shady. By the way, Khun Nun likes English gardens and flowers. So I chose to design the front garden to be an English style garden that both meets the needs and helps to enhance the American neoclassical architecture to feel more outstanding. The function of the house determines the layout of the garden area again. such as the arrangement of the composition of the plants by discarding the rhythm open view and space Make it not feel too uncomfortable. Plant a dragon pine flanking the entrance to help reduce the height of the building. Including solving the problem of small, relatively flat areas by raising the area to create a hill at the walking end. to increase the visual dimension to be interesting.”

Fish pond and waterfall area that combines the needs of Khun Noon and Khun Jumbo together. It has become a favorite corner where you can enjoy spending time together.

There are more than 30 colorful carp swimming in the pond. Khun Mod X has installed 2 water pumping systems, namely the waterfall head water pump and the aeration jet pump. in order to be able to separate the opening and closing times appropriately It also hides the filter pond system under the balcony. so that the water is clear and suitable for raising fish all the time

“Next is the location of the waterfall at the side of the house, more than 5 meters wide, which is the need of Khun Jumbo. In this area, I have determined the location of the waterfall garden from the living room view of the house. with Mr. Modx- Ratthaphon Saiwirunporn from koi2u as an assistant to set up the system of the pond. As for beauty, I designed it to have a slightly tropical vibe. Emphasis on easy maintenance in the long term. By choosing plants that are quite airy, not too many, such as Samet Daeng, Wa,  Payom , Silver Oak, Grevillea Pine, and  Sea Grapes  to provide shade and provide a backdrop for the view. The use of lower level plants such as fronds, wading canaries, whale fins, and small brown river pebbles go well with both English and tropical gardens, bringing together the atmosphere of the two garden styles.”

When asked about the impression and use in the garden area. Mr. Jumbo and his family also participated in the design of the garden. including taking care of “Personally, I am a person who likes gardening very much. and raised carp since childhood When elder Mai arranged this corner for you It meets our preferences and lifestyle. Whether it’s when we look from inside the house out. or when you go out to sip coffee and listen to the sound of the waterfall Seeing ducks and carp nearby. Another impressive thing is that the waterfall system and the filter pond can be used right away. because I can take care of it easily Just wash the filter pond for 3-4 months at a time. And I can clean it myself by myself.”

Call Duck (Call Duck) originated from the Netherlands. Small appearance, round head, short mouth, average body weight about 570 – 740 grams, quite docile. Therefore, it is popular to be raised in the garden as a pet and for beauty. Especially pure white. In addition, the female also has a rather loud cries. It is assumed that this is the origin of the species name.

Emerald green head duck or Mallard (Mallard) The appearance of the male head and neck are dark green. There is a white stripe around the neck. Chest dark reddish brown The upper body is grayish-brown in color. Greenish yellow mouth, orange legs. Females are less colorful than males. Most of them live in water sources. May be found in flocks with many types of teal

Mandarin Duck is a medium sized bird. The average lifespan is 4 – 5 years. Males are larger than females and have more eye-catching colors. Whether it’s gold, red, purple, green, white, brown, blue, black, contrast beautifully. Likes perched on branches near water sources. to hide from natural enemies Lays 9-12 eggs at a time. Eggs have a fleshy color. The incubation period is 28-30 days.

Khun Jumbo collects various species of cactus in a small greenhouse next to his house. like havortia Gymnocalycium, Astrophytum, Mammillaria and Echiveria

Install a misting system on top of the orchid plant. to increase steam and cooling The lower area is sprinkled with small brown river gravel. Place the stone slabs as a walking path. for easy maintenance and easy drainage

“Finally, because the back of the house is next to another house. So we wanted to make a scene. From the first time that Elder Mai had arranged 2 grevillea pines, the wife had the idea to bring orchid tree hanging to create perspective and increase privacy Moreover, when looking out from the dining table, it will look beautiful in another dimension. But by the nature of the orchid after about 2-3 months, it may be shabby. So I installed a misting system. Fertilize every week and plans to switch to a kindergarten at Royal Polo Ratchaburi Farm as well. It’s about spending time in the area around the house and taking care of the garden.”


When the beautiful garden is complete Therefore, the happiness of tree and nature lovers does not end at that time, but in taking care of them. watch the change and spend time doing activities with family


Home and Garden Magazine Year 2022 No. 551

Owner : Ms.
Janerat- Khun Thanaporn Jeammanisakul Design : Murraya Garden by Khun Thapanit Chotiksathien Telephone 09-4563-9924
Location : Bangkok

Story : Sarida Chansomboon
Photo: Anupong Chaisukkasem

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