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Tips for brightening the room Increase the light inside the house to make the atmosphere look bright.

If you can open the room to receive a little light Give some vitality from outside the window into the house. along with arranging the room to have enough light It will be able to change the atmosphere from the same stuffy room to light, add brightness and also make it more pleasant. Especially if it is a period that requires a lot of time in the room. Making the room look bright and airy It will help you feel more relaxed. light up the room , ,
1. Control the soft tones on the walls, ceiling and floor.

different textures and colors It has the ability to reflect and disperse light differently. such as light colors or smooth shiny surfaces It reflects and disperses light better than dark or matte and rough surfaces. Therefore, if choosing a color Including interior items that help spread the light well. It will make the room brighter, sure enough. The part that is the wall of the room usually has the most space. The choice of color is therefore very important. If you want the room to be naturally bright Should choose to use the color of the walls in the room in light tones. In addition, the ceiling and floor should be light colors that are in the same tone as well. Adjusting the overall color of the room does not need to be painted. Lay tiles or use wallpaper only. But using a large wall or carpet can help me.

2. Use a mirror to help. , ,

Mirrors are an important help in making the room brighter and more airy. You can see that many times mirrors have been used as walls to adjust the atmosphere in the room. If a cute shaped mirror that fits the style of the room is placed in the opposite direction of the light entering the door or window, it will help diffuse the light and make the room look brighter. In addition to mirrors, there are other types of furniture to choose from to brighten up the room. Of course, it must be furniture that is soft or has a shiny surface. such as metal, acrylic, or light-colored wood for a comfortable atmosphere.

3. Arrange large pieces of furniture against the walls of the room. , ,

The placement of furniture in the room is another simple matter that affects the lighting. Especially large pieces of furniture like sofas, wardrobes, or bookshelves and TVs. which if placed in the middle of the room, it will make a corner so that the light does not reach or even blocks the light A room that uses large pieces of furniture to separate the space to be more proportional may encounter this problem, which may require other factors to be added as a supplement. Because arranging large pieces of furniture close to the walls of the room is the best way to let the light shine through. But it must be an angle that does not block the window or the channel that the light passes through. In addition to allowing the natural light to come through fully, it also helps the room look clearer and wider.

4. Use curtains to filter the light during the day. , ,

Opening a window during the day will not only let in the light. Especially if it is a corner that is directly exposed to sunlight, there must be heat as a free gift. Many people may choose to keep the curtains closed all the time to solve this problem by forgetting that installing curtains that filter the light or adding another layer of light-colored curtains can help. During the night, curtains can be used normally. During the day, the light-filtering curtain that looks like a light, light-colored fabric is pulled over instead. Because this type of curtain is designed specifically for use during the day, it helps to adjust the light coming in to make it more comfortable for the eyes. Instead of making the room dark like using a curtain to block the light.

5. Adjust the area to let the light pass through with the glass pane. , ,
6. Add light in a small corner. , ,

When managed to allow natural light to be fully accessible. Then it’s time to brighten up with a supplement such as a lamp to make the room feel warmer and more harmonious. The selection of lamps is not limited to the form of reading lamps or set only at the head of the bed. But whether it’s candles or LED lights, various styles can be decorated to add light in the desired tone to give the room a comfortable atmosphere. There may be a main lamp in the room to give full light. one In addition, model candles or fancy lamps with cute designs may also be placed on tables and shelves in the room. As for the area behind the TV or in the showcase, you can add a small light to add dimension to make the appliances stand out and add brightness to them.

7. Choosing LED bulbs , ,

The matter of choosing a light bulb is that it can be used in any way. Still the same light without selecting the type or power Today, LED light bulbs that are energy-saving and full of light are widely available. By choosing a light bulb that has enough light, it may not be necessary to use the same wattage bulbs everywhere. Just in the corner that is intended for main activities such as sitting, applying makeup or working, must choose a lamp that provides enough light. In other corners it is possible to use inferior wattage lamps to provide a room with sufficient light evenly without wasting too much energy. Importantly, the light bulbs at every point should always be replaced when the efficiency starts to decrease until the light is not as bright as it should be.

8 . Manage trees and obstacles outside the window. , ,

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