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Cat’s perception How does the system work? (Cat Senses)

On one side of the cat is a cute, gentle, cherished pet, but on the other side is a fierce hunter. The cat is a creature with a very special senses, the sense of the cat. to this world

which these senses were developed to cat’s perception consistent with the activity of being a hunter If we will observe the physiology of the cat. must admit Nature designed to be effective as a true ultimate hunter.

Today, Pets Home and Garden will take a look at how important sensory systems work in cats.

1. Vision and image acquisition system

  • Kittens begin to open their eyes around 5-14 days of age (8 days on average).
  • Kittens can see sharply at 25 days of age.
  • Good vision in a binocular (binocular vision) at 47 days of age.
  • Visual acuity is complete at about 60 days of age.
  • Cat’s eyes work especially well in the dark. This is because cats have Tapetum lucidum, a layer of tissue next to the retina. It is responsible for reflecting light. Improves visibility in the dark
  • Cats can pick up colors and have low color vision. by responding well to blue

    vision in dogs and cats How is it different from human vision?

perception in cats
perception in cats

2. The olfactory system in cats

  • cat’s olfactory organs fully developed from birth
  • During the first month after giving birth The cat will use touch. pick up the smell to approach the breast and warmth These abilities decrease as the cat grows older.
  • Behaviorally, cats use their sense of smell to communicate. It expresses one’s self, such as exploring by sniffing the face and sniffing the buttocks. Declare territory from scratching things, urinating to mark. and olfactory for reproductive behavior
  • The olfactory sensation that occurs from chewing, sniffing, licking certain plants and showing signs of drug intoxication, such as catnip, this behavior lasts for 5-15 minutes.
cat's perception

3. Listening system

  • The ear canal will open when the kitten is about 8-14 days old.
  • Cats can crawl to the sound of stimulation at 7 days of age.
  • The ability to recognize the sounds of siblings and people occurs at 3-4 weeks of age.
  • Auscultation was associated with environmental response at approximately 5 weeks of age.
  • Hearing comes in tandem with good vision in cats.
  • The cat’s hearing is in the low frequencies around 20-55 Hz and high frequencies around 1-20 kHz.

4. The system of taste and sense of movement

  • Mature cats can taste good, can distinguish salty, sour, bitter.
  • Cats respond to less sweet tastes.
  • A cat’s sense of movement is well developed from birth.
  • A cat’s sense of movement is good because of the tactile vibrissae on the face and feet.
  • The tentacles are the sense organs of cats and express emotions.
  • Cats have the ability to return home properly regardless of memory.
cat's perception

Article by
Dr. Piyawan
Phurahong, Piyawun Phurahong, DVM,
a veterinarian at the Feline Clinic. Thonglor Animal Hospital

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