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Cat leash device What is safe?

Cats are independent loving animals. And have the opportunity to resist compulsion in many forms. In addition, it is also a highly agile and agile animal with weapons used in self-defense such as claws, sharp canine teeth, biting, scratching, etc., so the use of cat leash device Therefore, we should consider the safety of the cat. including the safety of the operators as well

because by the instinct of the cat that if it must be forced or acting against nature It can induce stress, excitement, or anger. A good taming of a cat requires observing the behavior. Assess your cat’s physical manifestations as well. to reduce the harm to cats in some cats that are controlled or difficult to control And we have a need to work with animals. There may be a device to help capture the force in conjunction with the device to catch a cat. Recommended are as follows:

 1. Towel

It is a device that is easy to find because it is available in every household. Towels that are just the right thickness. Used to cover the legs and the cat. By using the burrito wrapping technique (in the example picture), it can be used to force the feeding, feeding or nail clipping. The use of towels is safe for cats. because the header is not encapsulated. Cats can also breathe easily.

cat leash device
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 2. Cat bag

Ready-made accessories designed for cats to hold their bodies and legs. leaving a header that can pop up And there will be a zipper to open according to the position of the legs. This type of device can be purchased at pet supply stores or in online shopping. which are available in a variety of prices Its use is similar to using a towel to wrap yourself up.

cat leash device

How to get your cat familiar with the cat basket or bag?

3. Muzzle for cats (Muzzle)


muzzle for cat It is different from that of the dog with the structure of the cat’s head. Cat muzzles are designed to cover the face and eyes to cover the field of vision. This is the sensory part that causes the cat to become anxious about seeing an unfamiliar environment around him. Instead, it opens the nose and mouth to allow the cat to breathe comfortably and safely. Suitable for cats who are aggressive or fearful. and may be used in conjunction with other gripping devices such as towels for leg control and the cat better and reduce the danger that occurs to the cat and the force catcher

cat leash device

4. Thick gloves for catching cats

Gloves designed to be thick and tough, resistant to biting or scratching, when worn, can protect the hand. and the upper arm of the enforcer Improves operator safety. Suitable for wearing to control cats that are aggressive or like to bite, scratch, slap, etc.

cat leash device

Article by
Dr. Piyawan
Phurahong, Piyawun Phurahong, DVM,
a veterinarian at the Feline Clinic. Thonglor Animal Hospital

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