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What mangos are planted in one year? definitely get results

Take a tour of the mango orchard of a novice grower. To collect and conserve Thai mango species and in order to continue to generate income and sell results in the future

Mango is a tree that Thai people have been planting in their homes for a long time. It will also become more popular when Nong Milli – Danupha Kanatirakul, a Thai artist, shows off eating mango sticky rice on the stage of the Coachella 2022 world-class concert in California, USA, because mango is an easy-to-grow tree. Resistant to all weather conditions do not have to wait for frequent watering Wait for the rain to provide seasonal water. even being flooded for a long time still survive Plus, when growing up, it gives a good shade of foliage for the house. filter light, filter dust It helps to add natural greenery that is refreshing easily. Importantly, it also produces delicious fruit that can be eaten every year.

#Baan and Suan Review by P’Yoo, Deputy Administrative Officer, Baan Lae Suan Magazine This time, we take you to see a mango orchard of a novice grower to conserve Thai mango species in a garden in Ratchaburi province of Khun Tum-Supaphong Sonsang, designer, owner of furniture brand Jird Design Gallery , which divides part of the land around 30% from the land. 6 acres of forest planting as a source of raw materials for producing their own wooden furniture to plant mangoes Starting at around 20 Thai varieties from 200 varieties of mango because Khun Tum wants to collect and conserve Thai mangoes as much as possible. both for Thai children to know and learn about Thai fruits Moreover, the produce can be arranged in a basket to distribute as a gift. And when there is enough produce, it can be further developed into a business that generates income from selling mangoes to the market as well.


Khun Tum said that within 1 year, the mangoes that have begun to be planted can produce fruit that can be eaten immediately. using organic farming methods that do not use chemicals relies on natural rainwater Because at the end of the year, mangoes do not need much water. According to the incubation period, collect food to prepare for fruiting. Let’s see what mangoes are available in Khun Tum’s garden right now.

Caused by the mixture of No. 4 flower water. Pak Nam with Hongju Mango of Taiwan until it was born into a mango with purple tones As the name clearly states The shape of the fruit has a pointed tip like flower water. Slightly sour raw fruit Dipping in sweet and delicious fish sauce dark yellow ripe fruit Sweet and unique Sticky texture, not messy, no burrs. It’s delicious to eat with moon sticky rice as well.

It is a mutant mango from the seed of the Nam Dok Mai Phra Pradaeng mango tree as a seedling. and planted until it grows and bears fruit The breeder is Col. Saman Em Aung, oval and elongated fruit The raw fruit is smooth golden-yellow green and will gradually turn pale yellow. dark yellow ripe fruit Sweet taste, slightly splinter

It is one of the Nam Dok Mai mango family that has been bred to various sizes. therefore set the size according to the number which Nam Dok Mai number 4 This gives the shape of a large, elongated oval with a beautiful long oval end. quite fruitful Green raw fruit, juicy and sour taste. Ripe, slightly orange-yellow, sweet and delicious flavor that has become very popular.


It comes from the mixing of the green cultivar with Nam Dok Mai. The shape of the fruit has a pointed tip, like a verdant green. Juicy raw fruit with a slightly sweet and sour taste. Mature fruit gives a slightly sweet and sour taste. Crispy, delicious, like green Ripe fruits are sweet and fragrant according to the nature of all the flowers.


It was born from the cultivation of the old original mango seeds of the southern region until they were broken into saplings. Flowering and fruiting in a beautiful oval shape like a typical light mango. Sour green raw fruit Ripe fruit, yellow-orange, sweet, fragrant, chilled, more delicious, no burrs, delicious to eat both raw and ripe.

It is one of the ancient mango species that originated in Taling Chan area. The shape of the fruit is pointed and prickly. The head is obtuse to the back, very similar to the S (S). Raw green fruit with a smooth sour taste. Ripe fruit is slightly orangey yellow. specific fragrance The taste is sweet and slightly sour, the texture is crispy, and the taste is second to none. from green In addition, the ripe fruit can also be eaten with sticky rice with moon, not allergic to other ripe mangoes.

originated from Cambodia by the Khmer people are called “Mango Kaew Lamiat”, the shape of the fruit is quite large. The raw fruit is crispy. slightly sweet and sour Ripe fruit, beautiful yellow color like turmeric, sweet taste, unique aroma. But most prefer to eat raw fruit with sweet fish sauce.

Plump shape at the tip Unique when ripe yellow It gives a very sweet taste. Eat with khao niam moon, delicious enough to fight with Ok Rong. Plus, I’m impressed with the unique fragrance in the honeysuckle style.

Selling a building or selling a building Some places call them building salespeople, probably because it’s very delicious. of this type of mango that makes me have to sell the building to buy mangoes Mango selling Tuek is a native species of Thailand that originated from Amphoe Paed Riew. Chachoengsao Province The oval shape resembles a mango or a rhinoceros mango, but is larger. Green raw fruit, sweet and slightly sour. crispy like mango Ripe turmeric yellow fruit, sweet and fragrant. But prefer to eat raw with sweet fish sauce.

It is another ancient Thai mango. Dark green, fleshy and oval, pointed tip, mon bon. The fruit has a unique appearance that you can see that it is a golden-black mango. Raw fruits give it a sweet and sour taste. Ripe fruit is slightly dark yellowish green. so called black gold It gives a very sweet and delicious taste. But not very sweet and no burrs. It has a unique smell that is easily recognizable. Or eat it with sticky rice, it’s delicious.

Red Emperor or Yu Wen is caused by the pollination of Ai Wen mango and Huang Chinese mango from Taiwan. dark purple fruit Round, elongated and larger than the father and mother. The mature size weighs up to 1 kg. It can be eaten both raw and ripe. The raw fruit is sweet and not sour. The ripe fruit is dark yellow, smooth texture, no burrs, sweet and good aroma.

Thai local mango They are oval-shaped, rather flat. The front of the convex curve has a shallow groove. It is a longitudinal line from the convex arc area to the concave part below. which is the origin of the name Ok Rong The fruit is light green or yellowish green. Ripe fruits are creamy yellow or orange-yellow. give a strong fragrance The taste is sweeter than all types of mangoes. can be planted easily in every household

coconut or coconut paki because it originated from Pakistan Taiwanese bring the cuttings to plant. The fruit is round, oval with a pointed end, large like a coconut. So called coconut mango. The fruit is crispy like a mango. Ripe fruit, sweet, fragrant, unique, without splinter It’s delicious to eat with sticky rice with moon.

Originated from Taiwan and spread to tropical countries in general. The shape of the fruit is beautiful, the tip looks like an ivory, it is very large, it weighs up to 4 kg. turn dark red Sour, crispy, juicy taste Ripe fruit is yellow-orange. Sweet, fragrant, meat is not crumbly, no burrs.

Subject : Phatrasiri Chotiphongsan

Pictured: Ritthirong Chanthongsuk

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