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Restaurant Renovation

The mission of the House and Garden Explorers Club this time is to follow twenty volunteers from the National Rescue Service. Sail into the sea for a water rescue course. with a trainer from the Naval Special Warfare Command Royal Thai Navy or Navy Seals (SEAL) What is the significance of this course? So why did the volunteers from the rescue team have the opportunity to do the same intense water rescue training as the frogs? Let’s find the answer together



Renovation guide – makeover of an old restaurant or different types of buildings to be attractive and meet the needs of modern consumers The content consists of 2 parts:

1. Case study of restaurants from 12-15 renovated old buildings, both in Thailand and abroad. Emphasis is placed on presenting in-depth content of each case study so that readers can use it for real use.

2. Knowledge about the design-renovate of the restaurant with requirements, laws, and technical insights into the design

Price : 425.00 baht



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